Industrial Steam Solutions 3 Ways they Help those With Breathing Problems

Dry vapor steam

Everybody cleans and it seems to be a job that never ends. Cleaning and sanitizing seem to go hand in hand, and most people think when they clean they are sanitizing as well. Most people are not aware that easier and faster methods of cleaning could result in more sanitary conditions for them. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from allergies or asthma symptoms.

Steam cleaning solutions are another way of cleaning and sanitizing with one simple step. Surfaces are cleaner, free of chemicals and safer and more sanitary than simple cleaning methods alone. Steam cleaning eliminates chemical residue on surfaces and because less that 2 quarts of water is used per hours it is considered a mess-free way to clean. This method of cleaning kills 99% of germs found in households such as salmonella, staph and dust mites. Read below to see other benefits of steam cleaning compared with regular cleaning.

Chemical Free

Those who suffer from allergies may not be aware of the fact that chemicals can contribute in part or in whole to allergies. Industrial steam solutions do not rely on chemicals in order to clean. Steam cleaning systems involve two ingredients, water and heat. This means they are not only allergy friends cleaning solutions, but also environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Kill Allergens
Dry vapor steam kills more microscopic allergens than any other method of cleaning. Some of these allergens can cause allergic reactions in the lungs which lead to an asthmatic reaction, so industrial steam solutions can eliminate multiple problems at once. Studies show that avoiding these allergens can help reduce not only asthmatic symptoms, but also the onset of asthma later on in life.

Deeper Clean

Industrial steam solutions offer a deeper clean compared with other cleaning methods. There will still be some elbow grease involved, but the clean produced from these steam cleaners will be far safer and more sanitary than what is produced by a cleaning solution and a sponge. Many cleaning solutions must be rinsed off after being used, but with steam cleaning you don’t have to worry about that. There is no need to rinse once the cleaning process has taken place.

Industrial steam solutions can help properly clean, disinfect and sanitize surfaces with less work, less chemicals, and less allergic reactions. While patrons like clean surfaces and places, they also like to be able to visit these places without having an asthma attack. Approximately 29% of survey respondents state they will not return to an establishments with unsanitary bathrooms, but sanitary isn’t suitable if it is filled with chemicals. Industrial steam solutions solves both problems, you can sanitize without worrying about the chemical residue. Consider steam solutions for all your cleaning needs, to see the clean difference.

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