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4 Ways to Sterilize Surgical Instruments

When you go in for a surgical procedure, you may see the metal surgical tools and begin to wonder how they sterilize those before using them on someone else. There are many ways that hospitals and doctors sterilize surgical instruments. Though these methods may differ from each other, they all yield the same results. Read below to see some of the most popular methods used for cleaning and sterilizing surgical equipment.

Dry Heat

Dry heat is an extremely effective method to sterilize surgical instruments. Dry heat is used with heat. The heat is aimed at the equipment. The temperature of the heat is enough to kill any bacteria or organisms.


An autoclave is a device similar to a pressure cooker and utilizes heat and steam. These heat and steam cleaning systems remove bacteria and organisms to sterilize surgical instruments. A timer is set to unlock the machine once the process has stopped. This method and instrument was