Month: June 2016

Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright and Patent Law

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Intellectual property law refers to the rules and regulations for securing and enforcing the rights to inventions and artistic works. We all know that the law protects an individual?s ownership of personal property, but did you know that your less tangible assets are protected, too?

Read ahead to find out more about which of your works and creations are automatically protected by the U.S. Constitution, and which are not.

How Do Secure Payment Solutions Help Merchants?

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With the vast expansion of Internet use, the sale of goods and services online has also increased rapidly. Despite its many advantages like convenience and choice, the online environment is susceptible to both human error and fraud. For accurate record keeping and to maintain secure payments, merchants can sign up for secure payment systems which help them to manage purchases, and to monitor delivery and follow-up transactions.

Does Your Door to Door Delivery Company Deliver?

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Door to door delivery is something we’ve come to expect from our delivery services of choice. Many people and companies alike have business dealings with other people and businesses all over the world. It is truly a global marketplace. For this reason, air cargo companies that expect to succeed must promise and deliver door to door delivery and be very good at keeping their promises. Unlike passenger airlines, cargo airlines are dedicated to shipping only cargo both nationally and internationally.

The Craziest Ancient Medical Practices in History

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We can thank our ancestors for many things; the wheel, paper, beer, and the cars we drive. But, one thing we can be glad for is that some of their ancient medical practices are not in use today. Here are some crazy ancient medical practices we can thank the invention of modern medicine for.


Suffer from headaches? Well you should be thankful that you did not live in ancient times, when trepanation was a commonly used medical practice. This was the method of drilling holes in one’s head to alleviate illnesses, even though it was hardly successful. Historians unfortunately do not know when or why this practice was invented, but a common theory is that physicians would bore holes in a patient’s head in order to let out any evil spirits possessing one’s mind.

Get Help With Your Office Space Needs, Whether Physical or Virtual

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Choosing an office space for your business can be difficult, which is why it can make sense to work with a company that provides professional office solutions. Such a company can provide you with a wide range of services that can help you make the right choice for your office.

One of the biggest issues with trying to pick out an office space for your employees is the size. If you pick a space that is too big, you will wind up paying more than you need to. If future expansion is potentially on the horizon, you might try office suites to start with, which can offer a convenient way to expand. A company specializing in professional office solutions can help you make the