Month: May 2017

In the Market for a New Home? Consider the Benefits of a Repurposed Steel Shipping Container

Climate controlled storage containers

Are you looking for used shipping containers for sale? If so, you may be thinking about the various modifications that can be made on these versatile storage containers. From tiny houses to mobile offices, 40 foot shipping containers are a sustainable option to using other construction materials.

While there are approximately 17 million of these shipping containers available across the globe, just 6 million are currently being used. This means that there are roughly 11 million steel storage containers that can be recycled, reused, and repurposed.

When a single container is rec

Why the Street Sweeper Makes Your Life Better

Dc parking lot sweeping

If you ever happen to find yourself at the local tavern on a Tuesday night and you see it is Quizzo Night, you might like to jump in and try your luck at some of the trivia questions. Most of them aren’t difficult at all for the first few rounds, but as the evening progresses, you might find them more difficult to answer.

All of the various types of signs

Signs for municipalities

In a lot of ways, you might think that the rise of the internet killed basic forms of physical advertising. A lot of people believe that the digital world has killed led signs for schools, signs for churches and led business signs. Well, the truth is that the electronic world did as it much as it didn’t. This might seem like a bit of paradox but it’s very true. The reality is that mass, online advertising media and the ubiquity of websites are just as important as older types of advertising but they haven’t supplanted them. Not yet. Most organizations and businesses still survive by investing in a mixture of both of these types of advertising, using them in different areas and sectors for ultimate marketing and financial gain. But what types of physical signage are best in this new and digital world

Thermal Spray Coating Services for Your Products, Machinery, and Other Industrial Needs

Thermal spray coating service

Metal coatings are needed for a variety of products and industrial machinery. These include wear-resistant, or abrasion resistant coatings, as well as hard chrome plating. There are, of course, other types of coatings used in various industries for different needs and purposes.

The paint industry, for example, produces architectural coatings as well as consumer paints. This is the largest segment of the industry. It’s interesting to note that in 2014 alone, 720 million gallons of architectural coatings were sold.

The second largest sub-segment of the paint industry is composed of industrial maintenance coatings. During 2014, 352 million gallons o

Donating Used Clothes To Charity The Most Popular Spring Cleaning Idea

Purple heart donation pick up

Spring cleaning means something a little different to everyone. It can constitute tidying up your garage and getting rid of all those cobwebs and dust bunnies you’ve been putting off. It can mean giving your entire home a makeover from top to bottom, vacuuming and tossing out unwanted items and rearranging the furniture. For others, it’s the perfect time to give back to their community and save a little cash. Helping military families and your neighbors has never been easier than contributing to charitable clothing donations. When you don’t wear some clothes because of size or style reasons, donating them to charity instead of throwing them out does the entire country a major favor.