Month: July 2016

Preveting Injury Fall Protection Systems

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It can be more difficult to keep certain workplaces safe compared to others. Certain professions simply carry more risk, and some level of injuries are almost inevitable. However, every injury can and should be prevented. It’s up to employers, supervisors, and managers to do their utmost to prevent harm to all employees, and for many reasons it’s best to invest in fall protection systems whenever possible. Of course, there is the obvious human concern to take into mind. The last thing anyone wants is to risk a person getting seriously injured, or worse. Human life and quality of life is the top priority for any good employer. But the employer is also at risk should any serious injuries occur at the workplace. Personal injury cases are serious issues for companies to combat. They not only cos

Keeping Food Safe for Your Family and for the Earth

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In order to keep up with the busy, hectic world in which we live, sometimes there just is not time to spend hours on meal preparation. In today’s society, a common way of thinking seems to be centralized around a “faster is better” type of approach. And our food options reflect that. From entire dinners that are pre-packaged and frozen to be sold to fast food joints that do not even require a person to leave their vehicle in order to pick up a meal that is already ready to be consumed, we have adapted the food preparation process to our advantage.

Is It Time for Your Company to Upgrade Its Cloud Communications?

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As the midwestern other has been posting over the past few days, she and her two children are on vacation near Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. What she has not posted is that she has had VERY limited connectivity. She has tried to upload a few pictures when she has had a signal, mainly so her husband can see what has been going on during the trip to the northwest coast. the mother and her two children have finely made their way to a larger town and have, for the time being at least, both WiFi and a strong phone signal. Imagine her surprise when she realized a new game has taken social media by storm.
She admitted that she was too tired to figure the new trend out for herself and innocently asked the question, “What exactly is Pokemon Go?”
You would have to have your head in the literal clouds to

Ever Consider the Benefits of a Green Janitorial Service?

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When looking for a janitorial service, there are many things you want to take into consideration. This is especially true if you are looking for a janitorial service for a school, church, daycare, or other facility that serves people or animals.

Many of the chemicals used by cleaning services contained numerous chemical that are either known to be dangerous or have not been fully tested to determine how safe they are to use. According to recent research, there are 17,000 petrochemicals available for home use. Of those, only 30% have been tsted for exposure to human health and the environment.

It is impossible to determine the long-term impact some of these chemicals may have on the health an those that come in contact with it. This applies to those that touch or eat off the cle