Month: February 2018

What Property Managers of Large Commercial Buildings Should Know About Fire Safety

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Some types of commercial and public use properties are highly vulnerable to the risk of fire. Hotels, motels, hospitals and offices account for a large number of fires each year, causing injuries as well as loss of life and property. Warehouses and data centers also fall in the high risk category, with the potential for property loss and damage worth millions of dollars in case of fire. Property managers and owners should be aware of the risks as well as the steps they can take to minimize the risk of fire and damage. A combination of sprinklers, fire alarms and fire suppression systems along with regular fire alarm maintenance can keep buildings and their inhabitants safe.

Fire and Security Safety Measures Are Important Considerations in Any Public Place

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As the nation continues to come to grips with the Florida school shooting last week, it should come as no surprise that more and more schools and other public buildings reexamine all of their security practices. From fire alarm systems to security procedures, a growing number of buildings across the country are making sure that they are doing what they can to make sure that everyone inside a building is as safe as possible. And while fire alarm systems and other types of fire protection services have long been required in all public buildings, more and more companies are making sure that they also have the latest security sys

3 Tips for Controlling Office Costs as a Start Up Business

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Start up companies often struggle with finances. A new business is unlikely to turn a profit within the first year or two of business. This means that expenses need to be controlled and budgets need to be set at a realistic and affordable cost. Some costs, like an office, are a necessary cost. These tips will help the startup business equip a business office, without breaking into the budget.

Allergens and Allergies The Benefits of Green Cleaning Practices

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Every adult knows that the workplace can cause stress. It may surprise some to learn that some of that stress is caused not by a fear of reprisal, but of illness. Nearly 100% of workers fear that they will catch a virus at work. This is largely driven by a belief that the average workplace is rarely cleaned to an acceptable degree. For the average worker, this is old news, however the average business owner would likely prefer to change this perception. An easy way to do this is hire a cleaning service.

Digital Marketing Why It Helps Companies

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Marketing. It conjures up to mind a team of men in a room, drinking whiskey, and coming up with advertising campaigns that will change the public’s views about a terrible substance. Fortunately, these are advertisers, a certain component of marketing but not the entire discipline. Marketing involves more than just advertising. It involves finance.

Marketing is what allows advertisers to do what they do. Marketing involves research into the finances of the company, the type of audiences for that company, the type of advertising that might do well for the company, those advertising channels, the type of campaigns that would benefit the company.

Marketing involves looking into the finances of the company, to see what works and what doesn’t. The finances of the company may be tied to the particular advertis

Four Ways Sign Advertising Works

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How much does advertising affect us? It affects us more than you might think! In fact, you might not even be aware of the decision process you’re going through when you make a choice about what to buy. As you pass those metal sign holder stands and the acrylic display stands, here’s what happens: