Month: February 2017

The Building Permit Process, Simplified

City of chicago building permits

Do you have a home project but feel intimidated by the residential building permits process? We understand why; many state permit offices seem like a cloud of mystery. However, when you dive in, you’ll find that it’s often not as intimidating as it first seemed. In fact, if you just can’t wrap your head around the process, there are even permit expediting services that do the work for you, in shorter time frames than you could do it yourself (we’ll cover permit expediting services below). The point is, you should never delay a home project because you don’t feel like going through the red tape to get the permits.

The Dirtiest and Most Overlooked Sources of Germs in a Business

Commercial office cleaning

Cleaning is an important part of any business. Although it does not directly affect the profits of a business, it can second hand reduce customer satisfaction and overall profits. When a business does not meet the cleanliness expectations of a customer, the customer is unlikely to return and also likely to negatively communicate about the said business. Many businesses attempt to properly clean their place of business, but many fail at successful efforts. It is possible that even you are overlooking the following cleaning requirements.

Find the Perfect Location for Your New Business Here’s How

Business space for rent

If you’re opening up a new office or retail space, you want to be located in a prime, high-traffic area. Furthermore, you also want a competitive advantage by being located close to other popular stores, restaurants, and recreational destinations. Location, as you know, can make a direct impact on a business’ success.

In addition to location, there are other important issues to consider when looking at business space for rent. These include, but aren’t limited to, the following aspects:

An Overview of the Three Types of Organized Crime

Qui tam actions

There are 300 million people in our country, and about that many ways that a person can break the law. However, when it comes to organized crime, all of the shenanigans that a person can get into basically fall under three umbrella sections in the criminal justice system:

What Does an Automatic Wire Binder Represent to You?

Automatic spiral binder

One of the most beautiful elements of humankind is the existence of books. Objects made of the trees we live among, telling the stories of our lives and imaginations, books bear witness to the advancement of our species. They hold evidence of where we have been, what we have done, what we hope to do, and what we dream. There are many book lovers who can attest to the significance of books within different cultures and to our species as a whole. And despite the rise of technology, the print industry is as strong as ever.

Your Business Needs A Location Near A Shopping Area

Commercial space for lease

The essentials of business is making sure that you are making the most of your space and doing everything as efficient as possible. This starts from the very top of picking a location for your building that best suits your needs. If you are looking for a space for your building you should look no further than commercial property for rent. Here’s why: