Month: October 2018

Clean, Safe and Ticket-Free How to Maintain a Certified Worksite or Warehouse

A construction site can be one hell of a chaotic place. From the various pieces of heavy-duty equipment to the dozens of workers milling around, it’s not an easy situation to control. That’s why worksite managers need to do everything they can to stay in control of their site. Similarly, warehouses can be just as hectic, trying to manage a massive amount of inventory and just as many workers.

The Benefits and Uses of ITC 100 Ceramic Coating

What is ITC 100 HT ceramic coating?

ITC 100 ceramic coating is a high temperature coating that can handle temperatures up to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is one of five types of ITC ceramic coatings and is used in a variety of industries. If you are looking for the best ceramic coating, let’s discuss some reasons why ITC 100 should have your consideration.

Testing a Home’s Water for Contaminants

Water is essential for modern living. It is used for drinking and cooking in the home, as well as bathing, doing dishes, and washing laundry, as well as watering gardens and filling swimming pools. Today’s American home should have adequate plumbing and water quality, but sometimes it will not, and testing and filtration methods may be needed to get everything back into working order. Some homes even use a private well; if one’s well water smells strange, that is just one indicator of several that there is a problem. Well water smells and other symptoms mean that professionals should be called in to deal with water contamination.

When was the last time you had your fire alarm systems checked?

The importance of having an up to date fire alarm system has become imperative over the past few years. Being sure that your building is up to date with all fire alarm inspections can be the means between life and death in the case of a dyer emergency. Considering that in many hotel and motel fires there are roughly 15 deaths and 150 injuries every year. This can be devastating to a business, it can destroy what you have worked so hard to build up. And these fires are so easy to detect and prevent from happening so long as your fire alarm system is up to date and working correctly. Do you know when the last time the fire alarm system in your buildings were checked and brought up to code for your building?

Do you know the number for your local fire alarm inspection service? Is it the same fire alarm installation service that installed your fire alarm systems? These questions are ones that should be thought of ahead of time, because when in need of checking your systems and making

Things You Didn’t Know About EEG Studies

Many people have, at some point in time, either participated in an EEG study or considered participating in an EEG study. EEG, meaning electroencephalogram, is the term given to an image that captures the electrical neural activity of the brain, which can then explain things in clinical research like depression, mood disorders, epilepsy studies, and sleep disorders. These EEG studies can be either paid or volunteer, but you will always show up in the medical journals and reports that follow the EEG study as an anonymous participant. Whether or not you are thinking about participating in an EEG study to make some extra cash or to genuinely get some questions answered about your health, here are some things you may not have known about EEG studies.

One: Stash all phones. Clinical research organizations in USA will not allow the use of your mobile phone or other electronics during the study. Unfortunately, this m