Month: December 2017

How Much Do You Know About Aviation Insurance?

Cessna insurance

Whether you pilot a commercial aircraft, a private Cessna, a drone, or another type of craft, it’s essential to have general aviation insurance. Based on the specific type of craft you operate, however, you may want to have additional insurance so that you have full coverage. This may include, but not be limited to, insurance for airplanes, insurance for seaplanes, insurance for helicopters, and insurance for drones. It also makes sense to have aircraft hangar insurance for when your craft is in storage.

The United States alone has over 220,000 aircraft located at various airfields and hangars across the country. This makes th

Prototypes, Circuit Boards, and Everything In Between

Prototype pcb fabrication

The very first iPhone model was released in the year of 2007. Since this year, technology has managed to grow and expand in ways that many people did not believe to be possible. Thanks to technology, we are now able to communicate and engage in activities that were never before thought to be possible.

Another great benefit that has come from the rise of technology deals with employing skilled laborers as well. The industry behind the creation of the prototype circuit board has managed to create plenty of jobs for engineers. The demand for prototype PCB assembly, Prototype PCB Manufacturing, and quick turn PCB prototypes.

Help Clothe the Masses by Donating Your Used Clothing

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Americans only recycle about 15% of their used clothing each year, which results in more than 10 million tons of clothing winding up in landfills. Though some clothing items are beyond being reused, most can be recycled and worn by someone else. This is where charitable clothing donations come in. By donating your used clothing, you can help those who are less fortunate while also diverting billions of tons of clothing from winding up in landfills each year.

The average person in the U.S. buys twice as many clothes as they did 20 years ago, and that amounts to about 70 pounds worth of clothing per person thrown away each year. That is a lot of waste to go into the landfill. People can always try to sell unwanted clothing on their own, but that often takes a lot of effort for not a lot of money gained.

Why Signage is Essential for Your Business

Signs for government

Your business? signage is one of the most important things you can do to increase your presence and brand recognition. Marquee signs for businesses, a church marquee, or electronic message boards for schools all do a lot to advertise your brand effectively.

How much? Well, consider signage in terms of alerting people to your existence. 35% of people say they would never have discovered a business they now frequent had it not been for that been for the company?s sign. One survey revealed that 17% of Best Buy?s walk-in customers did so because they saw the sign. Another study revealed that 85% of any business’customers live or work withing five miles.

It?s also possible to consider signage in comparison to other types of advertisement. Marquee signs for businesses, digital signs, billboards: wha

Is Your Water Safe?

Environmental consulting butte

Americans have it easy when it comes to clean water access. Many of our counterparts, especially those living in third world countries, do not have this advantage. Living in American and having this nearly unlimited access to drinking water, we drink a lot of it.
According to The Atlantic, the average American drinks “up to about 58 gallons of water a year. That’s 7,242 ounces of water annually, boiling down to 20 ounces daily, which is 2.5 cups.”
That’s a lot of water. Although we all like to assume that the water we’re drinking, the water we’re showering with, the water we’re watching our dishes with, is clean, how sure can we really be? Without water quality monitoring, we can’t be.

As Americans, the waste we generate is astronomical. Every time something gets thrown in the t

3 Benefits of Utilizing Inventory Management Software

Government inventory management

It’s important for a business to be as efficient as possible. However, certain data in regards to the efficiency of warehouses find that these businesses aren’t always as efficient as they should be. In fact, statistics gathered from iBenchmarking Warehouse Performance found that less than 30% of warehouses are truly efficient. It’s imperative that every business owner is as organized as possible, making the need for inventory management software truly important. Here are three advantages of utilizing inventory management software.