Month: August 2017

Why Even Artisanal Cheese Makers Could Benefit from a Crumbler

Hammer mill

When you think of artisanal cheese making what comes to your mind? A wizened person in a massive barn, hand making wheels of cheese? For many, it is hard to think that artistic products can be made with the assistance of technology.

A little bit of machinery can go a long way to improve the profits and reach of artisanal cheese producers, however. Take, for instance, crumbles.

A crumbler is a machine that essentially breaks pieces of product apart, unlike the similar food crusher, which uses shaft impactors and manually reduces food at a ration of 10:1 or 25:1.

For cheese, a crusher can take a whole wheel or loaf and break it into small little pieces. The sizing is the result of wholes in th

Fire Protection Services for a Safer Work Environment

Fire sprinkler installation

One of humanity’s most important discoveries is also one of the most dangerous. The use of fire has been crucial in so many significant discoveries and advancements over the centuries and millennia, but fire has also been the source of plenty of destruction. Now, in today’s society, there are so many ways for fires to start, from electrical issues to appliances overheating to chemical reactions and more. But there have also been major advancements in the technology used to prevent, detect, and fight these dangerous fires.

When Your Congregation Needs a New Church, Consider Pre-Existing Buildings

Portable cabins

Proper planning can be extremely helpful for families looking to buy a new house. Research about a location is a smart business move when opening a new storefront. Planning is also a key requirement when you’re looking into church buildings for sale. Buying a new space for a church is not a simple undertaking. It requires a certain amount of flexibility and time. Here’s how you do it.

5 Important Benefits of Hiring a Green Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning business

In recent years, green cleaning has grown in popularity. Using green cleaning materials means having products made with natural ingredients. Your business has many choices of which cleaning company to choose. Many businesses are finding in highly beneficial to work with a green cleaning company. Here are five benefits of hiring an office cleaning company using green products.

Five Advantages of Starting an LLC

How to form llc

Many business owners wonder how to form an LLC. Certain business owners feel that forming an LLC has its own unique advantages, especially for newcomers to the business world. An LLC is otherwise known as a limited liability company. A 2015 survey found that 23% of small businesses identified as an LLC. In this post, you’ll learn the advantages of an LLC for your new company.

Intimate Knowledge of the Steel Industry Can Help You Get Better Quality Raw Materials

Stainless steel banding

Being an integral part of any kind of industry can be a rewarding experience in itself. If you own or manage a business that is in the manufacturing space, or handles government or military contracts, it is likely that you have already come into contact with all the different industries that get together to make things happen when it comes to creating utility. If your company uses steel as an important raw material, and you are constantly on the lookout to source the steel that you use from places which are trustworthy and can give you better value for your money, it is important that you keep yourself updated about the steel industry, the different nuances of steel strapping suppliers and their offerings, and the important tools used for the job of creating the steel strapping that ends up in your wa