Month: November 2016

8 Ways to Protect a Shipment from Modern Day Pirates

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When someone mentions pirates, people tend to picture wooden legged, eye patched, swash bucklers with a parrot on their shoulders. The truth it, in this day and age, pirates, although very real, look nothing like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Piracy is classed as anything that happens to air and ocean cargo in the way of thievery. It happens on a variety of levels from a small yacht to a huge cargo ship and other types of freight ships, depending on what the pirates are after. When air and ocean cargo moves to the sea portion, anyone boarding the vessel and threatening the crew with weapons of some sort is classed as a pirate. They are basically hijackers. So, how can you possibly keep you

Did You Know that Air Cargo Services are Convenient and Eco-friendly?

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In our highly interconnected world, cargo and shipping companies play a major role in keeping goods, products and services flowing from one location to another nationally, and internationally. There are even cargo airlines whose function is to ship only cargo and not passengers. Air and ocean cargo services like puerta puerta venezuela offer door to door delivery customized for each client and even each shipment. These offer many advantages over slower and more expensive sea freight shipping.

4 Ways Teflon is Used Outside of the Kitchen

Ptfe coating process

When you hear the name “Teflon,” you probably think of non-stick pots and pans. And you’re right to do so. Non-stick cook and bake ware is coated with Teflon, otherwise known as PTFE coatings, which allow for easy cleaning and food transfer.

But did you know that industrial coating services like Teflon are also used in other industries? Instead of making sure that half of your muffin doesn’t get stuck in the pan, industries use this coating material for high stakes production.

4 Types of Damages Protected by Siding Wear Coatings

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When you rub two objects together, it creates friction. In many cases, this friction can cause wear. Industrial metal pieces should be equipped with low friction coatings that keep them safe from erosion. Wear can change the shape of a piece of equipment and can cause severe damage or even complete malfunction of a product as a result.

Wear resistance is one of the most important things that many people consider when purchasing a piece of equipment, but nearly any large piece of industrial metal equipment is subject to erosion and wear, regardless of the material it’s made of. Boilers, steam turbines, and jet engines, among others, are subject to constant movement and

Your Businesses Parking Lot Conditions Matter to Your Customers!

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Businesses are responsible for providing their customers with a safe and secure place of business. This means that they ensure that all property codes are up to date. It means that they provide customers with a clean and safe building to frequent. It also means the parking conditions are safe and clear of any excess debris that can be dangerous. The parking lot responsibility can be more difficult for some businesses to follow because they may have less access or say to the conditions. However, business owners need to provide the following safe driving and parking conditions for its customers.

A parking lot that is free of any debris. Customers expect an easy and safe place to park their vehicles. If a parking lot is dangerous or does not provide easy parking conditions, the customer i

3 Ways You Can Increase Gym Membership With Commercial Cleaning

Benefits of hiring carpet cleaners

Gym cleanliness is imperative to increasing membership. Whether individuals are just starting out on their fitness journey or they?re looking for a gym that offers a variety of high quality equipment, the cleanliness factor of the workout facility can easily sway their decision to apply for a membership. Read on to discover how your gym could benefit from the services of a commercial cleaning company.

People who visit the gym on a regular basis usually look for a facility that?s well-lit and features an assortment of high quality equipment. If the gym has an odd odor emanating throughout the halls or several large dust bunnies along the walls, there?s a good chance that membership would drop like a rock. But there?s no need for you to take on the responsibility of cleaning each week. L