Month: March 2017

Does Your Company Rely on the Protection Provided by Industrial Coating Services?

Wear-resistant coatings

We live in a world that is filled with consumer products that both quickly and inexpensively. These products are, in fact, so readily available that it is easy to think of replacing, rather than repairing many of the goods that we use on a daily basis. From the simple computer accessories and charging cords that we use for our phones to the appliances in our home that wash our dishes and our clothes and cook our food, we have become a nation of consumers that buys new before we even think about spending money on repair services.
Fortunately, however, in our greater world we are surrounded by materials and equipment that is more reliable and longer lasting. A simple drive down the street, for instance, can provide a long list of items that are far more permanent in nature. From the large metal struc

Four Types of Binding Solutions

Wire o binding machine

One major decision that any bookmaker knows about it choosing binding materials. There are a wide variety of binding options currently available. Knowing more information about types of binding will help you make a more informed decision. Print still represents about 80 percent of all book sales in the world which makes the right binding important for your sales. In this post, we will discuss what types of binding there are and what features make these bindings special.

Slips, Trips And Falls Are Hazardous Elements On The Job How To Keep Your Workers Safe

Rooftop fall protection

The construction industry is a dangerous field. Due to its precarious nature lifting heavy objects, using tall heights and transporting volatile materials it has a higher risk of injury and death than many similar areas of labor. Because of this fall protection certification is a must-have for any small or large business working in construction. Teaching workers how to practice safe habits and properly use rigging equipment goes a long way in keeping them and others safe throughout the year.

Three Benefits of Having Repurposed Shipping Containers to Save the Planet and Save Money

Conex containers

Many people do not know, but finding ways to use repurposed shipping containers can be a simple way of protecting the planet and saving money. This can include everything, from a containerized generator, to conex containers for offices. These are especially popular solutions for business owners and government agencies. Many of the consumers who would use container solutions might not be aware of the benefits of using them. Here are three reasons why they are helpful in saving the planet, as well as helping companies to save money.

Industrial Shipping Containers Offer a Valuable Way to be Repurposed with Many Different Possibilities

There are ove

Expert Shaft and Bearing Replacement Repair and Renewal for Large Industrial Machines

Maritime engineering

If you are an important part of an engineering company that handles the design and fabrication of heavy machinery and equipment, especially for large maritime vessels and container ships, you are likely to appreciate the important roles that these machines and their parts go on to play in the big picture of thousands of different industries that take advantage of these vessels. The way a lot of small parts and components come together and create a particular kind of functionality is what drives a lot of industries and this is what large industrial machines bring to the table. If you are routinely creating a lot of these equipment for industrial use, you should be very much aware of the role that different kinds of machine parts and components play in the totality of the scheme of things. Whether it is in

What You Need to Know Choosing a Metalworking Supplier


Whether you are looking for a carbide end mill or ER collets, manufacturing and industrial tool buying decisions can be tough. As many as three people are involved in almost 65% of all manufacturing decisions. Despite the complexity of the process, as much as 70% of all decision makers making such purchases in manufacturing look for products or services at least weekly.

Spending in the sector seems to be on the rise. Gardner?s Capital Spending Survey predicted that 2015 spending on metal cutting would reach as much as $8.822 Billion. This represented an increase of 37% compared to the estimate for 2014. The survey, which is the largest and most comprehensive survey of its kind, details future spending in the durable goods manufacturing industries. The same survey put estimates for advertising spending in 2016 at

The Importance of Community in School Fundraising Events

Digital led sign boards

Schools often do not receive enough funding for all of their projects and needs. To account for these needed funds, schools are frequently looking for ways to raise money. They are regularly asking for parent donations, community support, and organizing events that may bring in money. If you are in charge of the local school?s funding, consider these unique fundraising ideas. You are likely to see a greater increase in funds from the different sources of income.