Difficult Times Call for Innovative Solutions

Difficult Times Call for Innovative Solutions

Funny, but true story.

Your carpeting is getting worn and since you are not traveling this summer, you decided to take care of a couple of rooms that you have not done yet. You wanted to put down a hardwood floor so you had an estimate done. Turns out you could recarpet two entire rooms for the same price as putting hardwood down in just this one. Disappointed, you decided to go with the carpeting and started pulling up the old up. Much to your surprise, you found oak flooring underneath. Old farmhouses are full of surprises, even after you have lived in them for 30 years.
You have used this find as motivation to help your husband retro fit his work space and help your daughter redesign her classroom. The current pandemic has limited your travel, and also those expenses, so you are more than anxious to find something to use up your time and your energy. And if you can help keep your husband, your daughter, coworkers, and students safe, of course, that is an added bonus.

Portable Office Walls Offer a Great Way to Subdivide Work and Learning Spaces

In a time when so many people are trying to decide how to stay safe and stay sane at the same time, it is nice to have some real hands on work to tackle. Knowing that you are helping those around you remain as healthy as possible is the motivation behind wearing a mask, but knowing that the way you arrange your work space might mean you can return to the office sooner rather than later is comforting as well. Fortunately, there are already many preexisting options for portable office walls, warehouse partitioning systems, and other kinds of prefabricated office spaces.

In fact, with the right kind of adaptations unused portable office walls and other kinds of partitions that have been in storage can be repurposed to help limit the spread of Covid 19. With the addition of plastic barriers and other kinds of innovative technology, many schools are working around the clock to do everything within their power to get children back into classrooms.

By definition, prefabricated and portable office walls can be reconfigured as needed to accommodate a new set of employees or a team of workers. And while in the past many offices have made near permanent use of these prefabricate solutions, it is important to note that just as home owners are spending time rethinking some of their own office spaces, there are also many times when this same innovative approach can Improve a work space as well.

Permanent and relocatable are the two main types of modular construction, and because as much as 60% to 90% of all prefabricated construction occurs in a warehouse or factory, these kinds of projects can be completed much faster than when using traditional methods. In addition, a report by the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia estimates that going modular can reduce construction costs by as much as 9% to 20%. Even when an entire project is not made of prefabricated materials, an average of 90% of engineers, 84% of contractors, and 76% of architects report that they use prefabricated or modular construction processes on at least some of their projects.

Whether you are looking at redoing the flooring in your own home or you are part of a planning team that is in charge of rethinking an entire work or educational space to make them more safe, it is also important to consider all of the available options. Knowing that there are prefabricated or modular options might make it so the work you need to complete is as efficient and affordable as possible.
No one really knows exactly how long it will take the nation and the world to win this battle against Covid 19, but a growing number of folks understand that it will only be through social distancing, mask wearing, testing, and contact tracing that we will get back to some kind of normal by the end of the year. In some ways, rethinking every physical space that we have so long taken for granted is one of the top solutions. Fortunately, there are many modular options.

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