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Difficult Times Call for Innovative Solutions

Funny, but true story.
Your carpeting is getting worn and since you are not traveling this summer, you decided to take care of a couple of rooms that you have not done yet. You wanted to put down a hardwood floor so you had an estimate done. Turns out you could recarpet two entire rooms for the same price as putting hardwood down in just this one. Disappointed, you decided to go with the carpeting and started pulling up the old up. Much to your surprise, you found oak flooring underneath. Old farmhouses are full of surprises, even after you have lived in them for 30 years.
You have used this find as motivation to help your husband retro fit his work space and help your daughter redesign her classroom. The current pandemic has limited your travel, and also those expenses, so you are more than anxious to find something to use up your time and your energy. And if you can help keep your husband, your daughter, coworkers, and students safe, of course, that is an added bonus.