4 Benefits of Regular Fire Alarm Inspections

4 Benefits of Regular Fire Alarm Inspections

Home and business owners alike need to take fire safety seriously. Protecting family members is an important part of maintaining a safe home environment. Likewise, ensuring employees and customers are safe in your place of business is also a necessary consideration for owners and building operators. From installing and maintaining basic smoke detector systems to having sprinkler systems installed there are steps that can be taken to ensure fire safety remains a priority.

According to fire department experts, having current and up to date alarm plan for evacuation and posted evacuation routes are critical for maintaining safe spaces in public areas and in commercial buildings. Installing and properly maintaining automatic fire detection systems and automatic smoke detector locations can also prove critical for ensuring safety in the event of a fire. There are many types of fire suppression systems.

There are many other things that can be done to reduce the risk of a fire and to help ensure personal safety if a fire ever were to break out. Talking to the local fire department, or emergency response department can help give you insightful tips and ideas for ways to keep your home or business fire ready.

Hotel managers typically care for extremely large properties. While these large spaces are perfect for housing large amounts of guests, it comes with certain risk. There are four main property classes that account for 50% of all high rise fires. One of these property classes is hotels. In fact, statistics show that fires in hotels and motels cause an estimated 150 injuries as well as 15 deaths annually. Therefore, it’s important to do everything to ensure that fire doesn’t cause these tragedies at your hotel or motel. With that in mind, here are four benefits of regularly contacting a fire alarm inspection service.

  1. Ensuring Everyone Remains Safe

    Whether it’s a hotel or motel, these businesses are often filled with people. These locations don’t operate by standard office hours. Therefore, this increases the importance that your buildings are able to remain safe around the clock. You can help achieve this goal by having regular fire alarm inspections performed. Fire protection services can help ensure your business is optimally protected. In fact, statistics show that a combination of early detection systems and automatic sprinklers can help reduce personal and property damage by at least 50%.
  1. Not Risking Expensive Violations

    In order for a business to operate, it needs to make a profit. Therefore, an important aspect of operating a successful hotel is to avoid excessive expenses. With that in mind, hotels and motels must be inspected by professionals on a regular basis. It’s the job of these inspectors to ensure that a facility is safe. If it isn’t, this business is likely going to be paying expensive fines. If these problems begin to add up, it could mean paying more fines and possibly having your hotel shut down.
  1. No More False Alarms

    It’s understandable to think that faulty fire alarms simply won’t work. However, this isn’t exactly true. Fire alarms can malfunction in various ways. This often happens when your business begins dealing with false alarms. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how stressful it is. You’ll likely make a mad dash to your hotel, only to find that it’s in perfect condition. Fire alarm inspection services will help ensure that this problem is no longer an issue. In turn, this reduces the stress of dealing with false alarm calls.
  1. Avoiding Costs Associated with Fire Damage

    Faulty fire alarms cause many types of avoidable expenses. In addition to keeping your employees and guests protected, your buildings must remain in optimal condition. Fire often destroys buildings faster than you might think. You’ve likely worked hard to achieve success within the hospitality industry. Considering that, it isn’t wise to risk throwing this success away because of faulty fire alarms.

To summarize, there are several benefits associated with regular fire alarm inspections. Fire can cause damage to a business in many ways. In order to avoid these unnecessary risks, it’s worth partnering with a fire alarm inspection service. After this happens, your business will receive a series of inspections. These inspections allow hotels and motels to remain protected from the damage, dangers, and costs associated with fires.

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