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4 Benefits of Regular Fire Alarm Inspections

4 Benefits of Regular Fire Alarm Inspections

Home and business owners alike need to take fire safety seriously. Protecting family members is an important part of maintaining a safe home environment. Likewise, ensuring employees and customers are safe in your place of business is also a necessary consideration for owners and building operators. From installing and maintaining basic smoke detector systems to having sprinkler systems installed there are steps that can be taken to ensure fire safety remains a priority.

3 Types of Fires and What Causes them

Fires are something that nobody wants to think about, but unfortunately we must think of them so that we can be prepared in the event one happens. No matter whether it is in a business or a home a fire can still be devastating. Fires can be caused by electrical issues, cooking or failure to maintain certain parts. Aside from businesses, lets look at other things that are at least partially responsible for causing fires in homes or workplaces.


A little less than half of all fires that occur in homes are started in the kitchen area. Unattended cooking was responsible for most of these fires and majority of those started with the food being left unattended and catching on fire. For majority of those involved with these fires their clothes were the first thing to ignite and catch on fire, and more than half of those trying to extinguish a fire that starts in the kitchen were hurt or burned. Children of course have the highest risk of being injured or