3 Types of Fires and What Causes them

Fires are something that nobody wants to think about, but unfortunately we must think of them so that we can be prepared in the event one happens. No matter whether it is in a business or a home a fire can still be devastating. Fires can be caused by electrical issues, cooking or failure to maintain certain parts. Aside from businesses, lets look at other things that are at least partially responsible for causing fires in homes or workplaces.


A little less than half of all fires that occur in homes are started in the kitchen area. Unattended cooking was responsible for most of these fires and majority of those started with the food being left unattended and catching on fire. For majority of those involved with these fires their clothes were the first thing to ignite and catch on fire, and more than half of those trying to extinguish a fire that starts in the kitchen were hurt or burned. Children of course have the highest risk of being injured or burn while in the kitchen while someone is cooking. It is always a good idea to allow younger children to help with other chores but not cooking, to reduce the risk of them getting burnt. Can you guess what the number one ingredient in all house fires that started in the kitchen was? If you guessed oil and fried foods then you would be correct.


Surprisingly although heat sources are responsible for a large number of house fires, it is not just them running that causes the fires. Most of the time it is the lack of cleaning that causes fires. Chimneys can get buildup that must be removed. If if is not removed then the creosote can catch on fire causing the entire house to go up in flames. Typical heaters have filters that must be cleaned and maintained. While this may not pose as much of a danger as a chimney does, it will still ensure your family’s safety and warmth.

Alarm Types

There are many types of smoke alarms and a variety are used in houses. Typical battery powered alarms are used in just under half of all houses. A recent study however shows that a hard wired alarm will sound over 90% of the time, while a battery powered one will only sound 75% of the time. This means that the hard wired ones are obviously a better choice, but it also means that there is more required with these alarms. These alarms require fire alarm services in order to install the fire alarm system. They must undergo regular fire alarm maintenance and if something goes wrong then fire alarm repairs must be performed by qualified personnel.

Fire alarm repairs services are vital for businesses and homeowners alike. They make sure the alarms are functioning properly and can warn everyone in a timely manner. Having these systems or any other type of warning system is a necessity in most homes or work places. Without these warning systems there would be many more deaths from fire related issues. Keeping these alarm systems working requires regular maintenance, care and fire alarm repairs, but they are all worth it.

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