Your Guide to the Different Types of Olets

Your Guide to the Different Types of Olets

What is an olet? How many types of olets are there? What are they used for? There are a lot of questions about olets that this video addresses. After watching this video you will know all you need to know about olets and how they are used.

Simply put, olets are branch connection fittings that are used in plumbing and other applications. They can be used to connect larger pipes to smaller ones or the same size pipes to other same-size pipes.

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There are different types of these connectors that are applied in different ways.

This video takes you through all the different types and how they are used. If you are in the plumbing industry or a DIY homeowner that needs to learn more about these fittings and connectors you should watch this video.

Learn about the specially reinforced types of fittings, self-reinforced, and other styles. You will also learn about the most commonly used types. The presenter also identifies which type is the best type of welding. There is a lot of helpful information in this video that can help you better understand which branch connection will be best for your connection needs. Watch now to learn everything you need to know.

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