Why the Street Sweeper Makes Your Life Better

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If you ever happen to find yourself at the local tavern on a Tuesday night and you see it is Quizzo Night, you might like to jump in and try your luck at some of the trivia questions. Most of them aren’t difficult at all for the first few rounds, but as the evening progresses, you might find them more difficult to answer.

If you are ever at a Quizzo game, you could be asked the question, Who is C.S. Bishop and what did he invent? If you know, you have a knack for trivia. Most people wouldn’t know it. C.S. Bishop invented the street sweeping machine way back in 1849 and ever since then people have had to move their vehicles on a regular basis for his invention to come by and sweep the streets.

In any urban area with high traffic, the street sweeper will come by to clean and maintain the streets. This is why, in many of these urban areas, you will see signs that restrict parking on certain sides of the street during certain days and certain times. Sweeper trucks are rather large and are not able to maneuver around parked cars very well. If many cities and urban towns, if your car is parked in the path of one of the sweeper trucks, you could end up getting a rather hefty ticket.

Street sweeper trucks provide a very significant service for the community. Without a street sweeping service, debris will flow naturally to the curb and with nowhere to go will clog drains and cause a great number of problems. If you have ever visited a country without such services, you have very likely seen how downright dangerous it can be after a while when the debris has not been removed. It piles up because it has nowhere to go. America’s trucks are amazing.

Maryland commercial sweeping, for example, uses sweeper trucks with the sweeping mechanism mounted under the truck itself. Many models also have a vacuum element that enables the sweeper to suck up smaller debris straight off the street, hauling it away from the area. Without the use of the sweeper trucks, much of this debris can get lodged in places that can cause a great deal of trouble.

Many urban communities have pipes that flow to the street and into the sewers. Some of this debris can get caught in the pipes and cause very costly backups for homeowners. Thanks to the street sweeper trucks, the roads, and urban communities are cleaner and safer.

In addition to cleaning up the roads in the urban communities, sweeper trucks are also a very important part of keeping our parking lots clean. Parking lot sweeping services do a very similar service to the street sweepers but in a more compact way. They not only remove the big debris, they also sweep up the much more microscopic debris that could very possibly spread disease and other pollutants throughout the community. Having parking lot sweeping done on a regular basis makes sense no matter where you live but obviously is a priority in the larger, urban areas.

Consider the great American mall that can be found anywhere in the United States. Think about how many people throughout the course of the year, not to mention during the holiday season, traipse in and out of their cars, spilling things and dropping debris all over the place. Whether people do it on purpose or without even knowing it is happening, they pollute the parking lots every time they go shopping.

The sweeper trucks that clean the parking lots at the big mega malls or even at the small strip mall lots make the world a better place. It is a better place because it is cleaner and safer.

The next time you go to the local pub for Quizzo Night, you might not know the answer to many questions or you might know them all. But, however, things go for you that night, you at least will now know the name C.S. Bishop and the fact that he invented the street sweeper way back before there were even cars. That is at least worthy of a trivia question, don’t you think?

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