Why Signage Matters More Than Ever Before

In today’s modern age, with so much access to technology – a field that is only growing, more types of advertisements exist than ever before. However, signage of all kinds is still a hugely important way to advertise goods and services, and one that all retail locations and companies should be taking advantage of as much as possible, even as much as they can afford to. Without signage, after all, the world would look a very different place indeed.

Take, for instance, the common billboard. Billboards are already hugely common throughout the country, so much so that many of us see billboards on our daily commutes to work and back home again. After all, the average person will see as many as 3,000 various advertisements in a single day, and billboards can make up a surprisingly considerable chunk of that.

And billboards are not just background noise. In fact, data shows that they are really quite effective, with more than 70% of all people who drive past billboards regularly taking note of those that are particularly eye catching or interesting to them. More than 55% of all adults in this country have even attended an event due to first noticing an advertisement for it on a billboard. And the exact same percentage of adults (around 58% of them, to be just a bit more exact) have visited a restaurant for similar reasons.

But billboards and other forms of roadside signage are not the only types of signs that can really make an impact. Custom signs that are found at the actual brick and mortar retail location are also quite hugely important as well. After all, the majority of people still make their final purchases in an actual brick and mortar location and not online, as many still feel much more comfortable purchasing a product once they have actually seen it in person.

Custom signs can come in all shapes and sizes as well. From window clings to free standing signs to even the type of price tag that is used, all types of custom signs can have their impact at any given retail establishment in just about any part of the country. In fact, even just the presence of custom signs in the first place can have a hugely powerful impact, as more than half of all prospective customers will not enter a store or retail location if no signs, particularly custom signs, exist. And up to half of all visitors to any given retail location said it was custom signs that convinced them to enter the establishment in question in the first place.

The quality of these commercial signs and signs for businesses matters as well, whether or not they are custom signs. From outdoor signs to indoor signs, this continues to hold true. In fact, more than half of people who shop at retail locations (around 67% of them, for that matter) actually found that their final purchasing decisions were directly impacted by the quality of the signage that was on site. In addition to this, many people also feel that the personality and quality of various forms of custom signs is in direct relation to the overall personality, quality, and even trustworthiness of the business in question as a whole as well. Therefore, ensuring that the custom signs that are used are of a high quality is hugely important indeed when it comes to facilitating and using custom signage.

At the end of the day, the amount that custom signs can influence sales is also not to be underestimated. In fact, even fully priced items sold up to 20% better when on site signage like custom signs were used, according to a number of studies that have been conducted in recent years, including one that was conducted by Brigham Young University. Therefore, the cost of getting and designing these custom signs is something that is more than likely to end up paying for itself at the end of the day.

Signs are so important all throughout the country, no matter what form that they might come in. For many people, signage has even become the deciding factor in making a purchasing decision, something that is important enough as to not be underestimated.

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