Why Signage is Essential for Your Business

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Your business? signage is one of the most important things you can do to increase your presence and brand recognition. Marquee signs for businesses, a church marquee, or electronic message boards for schools all do a lot to advertise your brand effectively.

How much? Well, consider signage in terms of alerting people to your existence. 35% of people say they would never have discovered a business they now frequent had it not been for that been for the company?s sign. One survey revealed that 17% of Best Buy?s walk-in customers did so because they saw the sign. Another study revealed that 85% of any business’customers live or work withing five miles.

It?s also possible to consider signage in comparison to other types of advertisement. Marquee signs for businesses, digital signs, billboards: whatever type of sign you have on-site has about the same value as taking out 24 full-page ads in the newspaper each year.

Studies have indicated that adding a good sign, or changing to a better sign can directly improve your revenue. Even replacing a simple store front wall sign can increase sales revenue by 7.7%, if the new sign is larger and more visible.

New media, social media, and the internet are very important these days, and there’s no doubt a business needs a good internet presence. But signage is not therefore unimportant. While it?s true that millennials use the internet for a lot of their purchasing research, that?s not the whole story.

71% of people report that they often look at the messages by the road, meaning that marquee signs for businesses have the potential to make a huge difference. When asked about restaurants, 58% of respondents in one poll said they visited one because they had seen a sign for it while in the car.

Another poll examined shopping decisions and found that 68% of respondents claim to sometimes or even frequently make those choices while in the car. Outdoor church signs or digital signs are just the thing to catch these people as they make these decisions.

And the decisions people make when they see business signage are not just impulse ones, either. One poll found that 32% of people will see a sign and then visit a business later that week; while another found that 26% were noting phone numbers and 28% website address that appeared on billboards.

It?s hard to overestimate the importance of attractive, quality marquee signs for businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations. Signage for businesses remains a key way to get attention and attract customers.

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