Why Companies Are Turning To Aerial Photography To Reduce Their Environmental Impact

Environmental engineering butte

Our environment takes care of us. It’s only natural we take care of it.

Your responsibility as a business isn’t just to your consumers, but to the environment at large. This means taking into account the kind of paper products you use, your recycling habits and the impact of your manufacturing plants on surrounding wildlife. Civil engineering takes this a step further by combining aerial surveying with state-of-the-art photography, creating some of the most accurate analysis of the surrounding environment and allowing countless companies to build, manufacture and recycle their way to a cleaner world.

How can you take advantage of a civil engineering firm? Let’s take a look.

Water is life. Without regular access to clean water for drinking, bathing and washing we would be struggling immensely. Aerial surveying companies regularly assess the state of rivers, lakes and beaches across the world to make sure manufacturing plants are working in tandem with nature. It’s estimated two-thirds of American estuaries and bays are severely degraded from constant exposure to nitrogen and phosphorous pollution. Another water quality report found up to 45% of American streams (as well as 48% of lakes) being polluted.

Water pollution, unfortunately, is only getting worse. It’s thought that there could be more trash than fish in the ocean in the next few decades unless severe action is taken on behalf of small and large corporations. Every year over 500,000 new residential wills will be constructed, thanks to estimates by the NGWA, and the construction of these water supply systems use more than 18,000 drilling machines across 8,000 groundwater contracting firms. Water can be easily contaminated by many different elements, from dirt to bacteria, though some chemicals have proven more consistent than others. Some are found in everyday products.

Individual responsibility is also a key component. Americans have been found to contribute a massive amount of chemical pollution each and every year doing basic tasks. Over two billion pounds of pesticides are leaked and dumped into nearby rivers and lakes, negatively impacting nearby plant life and killing millions of birds, worms and various insects in the process. As many as 73 different kinds of pesticides have been found in American groundwater, with some of it even washing into drinking water systems. Although it is possible to filter out, it is an unnecessary risk that can potentially poison thousands of people in an instant.

Coal mining operations are starting to realize the impact of environmental engineering. According to an annual coal report provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, surface coal mining operations have provided as many as 37,000 jobs. A study conducted nearly 20 years ago by Rutgers found ESOP companies growing nearly 3% faster after setting up. As technology improves and environmental strains become more clear we are going to need the skillset of environmental consulting more than ever. Without it we could be viewing a much more inhospitable world to live in.

With the effort of aerial surveying companies and environmental consulting we can craft better water quality, more efficient geotechnical solutions and a happier population.

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