What You Should Know About The Many Benefits Of Modular Construction

What You Should Know About The Many Benefits Of Modular Construction

The world of construction is changing, both here in the United States as well as in many other places all throughout the world. Methods of modular construction are growing increasingly popular with each passing year, with more and more modular buildings like the typical prefabricated office space or warehouse office popping up all throughout the world. As a matter of fact, up to 90% of all engineers now utilize modular construction methods to create not just the prefabricated office space, but living spaces, hotels (Marriott International already pledged to make 13% of new developments through modular construction methods back in the year of 2017), and more. And up to 76% of architects and more than 80% of contractors have done the same.

But why, exactly, have modular construction methods, such as those used to create the prefabricated office space, become so popular? The reasons, it turns out, are many and varied.

1. Cost

Cost is a big reason that many choose modular construction for not only the prefabricated office space and warehouse partitioning system but for many other buildings and structures. After all, it has been found that methods of modular construction such as are used in the creation of a prefabricated office space or modular office can cut down construction costs by at least 9% – and sometimes by as much as a full 20%, a very impressive and enticing thing indeed.

2. Time

In addition to saving money in the construction of something like a prefabricated office space or in-plant modular office, modular construction saves time as well, thanks to the fact that up to 90% (and typically no less than 60%) of any modular construction endeavor can actually be constructed in a factory setting. This, of course, saves money as well. And such feats of time-saving are being seen all over the world, with a recent 57 story building in China able to be fully built in a mere 19 days – less than even a month.

3. The Environment

And we cannot forget about the benefit that modular construction brings to environmental causes, at least in direct comparison against more traditional methods of construction. After all, environmental concerns are at the forefront of many of our minds, especially in our current times. Taking steps to mitigate environmental harm is growing more and more important on a broader scale – even when it comes to the creatin of modular buildings like the prefabricated office space, to name just one example.

Fortunately, the change modular construction makes in comparison to traditional construction is not a small one. Just the sheer amount of waste that is saved is impressive. When modular construction methods are used, all kinds of waste is reduced, from cement to bricks to timber to wood pallets to concrete to shrink wrap to plasterboard and cardboard. According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) based out of the UK, waste is reduced by as much as a full 90% when modular construction methods are used to create the typical prefabricated office space and the like.

And this is not the only way in which the environment benefits when modular methods of construction are used as opposed to traditional methods of construction. In addition to waste, energy is saved as well. The data on the subject backs up this claim, showing that as much as 67% of all energy consumption is saved when modular methods are employed, and energy costs are even reduced later on when the building in question is in use (no matter what it is ultimately used as, prefabricated office space or home or other).

There is no denying it – modular construction is growing more prominent and more important with each passing year. After all, the extensive reasons to choose modular construction that are listed above are certainly compelling. For the people that utilize modular buildings as well as those who build them, modular construction will make its mark in the years that are to come. At the end of the day, we cannot ignore the many reasons that are out there to choose modular construction methods – and not just for a typical prefabricated office space.

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