What You Should Know About The LTL Market

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Pharmaceuticals are an important part of our society. They prevent disease, treat chronic conditions, and help to manage pain. From antibiotics to antivirals to birth control to pain relievers, the pharmaceutical industry is, not doubt, an important one. When it comes to pharmaceuticals transportation, a pharma logistics solution lies in LTL – or less than truckload – shipping. LTL shipping can provide a fast, cost effective way to move pharmaceuticals across the country.

The LTL industry is a prosperous one, certainly one that can serve as a pharma logistics solution. The LTL market is estimated to be worth over $30 billion dollars. Specialty freight services as well as other types of trucking are responsible for transporting almost 15 billion tons of cargo every year. By 2040, that amount is expected to increase to almost 20 billion tons per year. Every day, large numbers of the 12 million vehicles used to transport goods transverse the country and carry goods to their destinations, like pharmacies. Because of this reliable form of transportation, trucking is a solid pharma logistics solution.

LTL shipping can also provide transportation of good to convention centers as well as brick and mortar stores. Convention centers are popular around the country, with the majority in California and Nevada, as well as Florida. Other than providing a pharma logistics solution, trucking and shipping can also ship a variety of other goods. The most popular around the United States are electronics, motorized vehicles, and machinery. These are also the three most valuable commodities currently shipped.

No matter what you’re shipping and for what purpose, you will be certainly able to find the best shipping type and service for you. From trade show shipments to overweight freight shipments, the trucking and shipping industry can handle any number of accommodations. LTL shipping remains popular as well, particularly for industries like the pharmaceutical industry, which relies on shipments of medications to keep it going. Thankfully, shipping through the LTL market provides a viable pharma logistics solution and keeps millions of people stocked with the medications that they need. The transporting of good has become an incredibly prosperous industry, one that is increasing in worth and estimated to be worth around $400 billion dollars – and anticipated to continue to rise. Trucking is an important part of industry in the United States, and will continue to be so for the forseeable future.

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