What to Know About SQL Server Tuning

What to Know About SQL Server Tuning

Tuning an SQL server isn’t like tuning a guitar or another musical instrument. According to the video, SQL server tuning with formatting production code properly, using CTEs over subqueries, and utilizing a window function to add extra columns. SQL server tuning can be a useful skill for data professionals to develop.

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On top of making it easier to navigate the SQL server and impressing supervisors with advanced skills, this type of tuning can also make your SQL server’s data look less overwhelming. If you find yourself getting stressed handling large volumes of complex data, tuning the server and tailoring it to optimal use can increase efficiency and decrease the amount of time you spend staring blankly at a chaotic screen.

For those who are new to SQL servers, tuning SQL servers may be too advanced of a skill to develop right away. Before you can run, you need to walk. In the same vein, you should familiarize yourself with the essential functions of these servers before you attempt to change any settings or mess with the formatting. Some folks may benefit from having someone experienced with these servers demonstrate how to tune them in person or over a video call before trying to do it by themselves. Of course, you can approach Microsoft technical support about any issues.


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