What to know about millenials

A lot of businesses are asking nowadays, what is the best way to go about selling to millennials? What do millennials respond to best and what do they care about? Well fear not, professionals of the world who are trying to figure the ins and outs of this new generation. Your humble writer just so happens to be a millennial and he will be doing his best to guide you through what must be a very confusing professional time. Yes, my friends, your writer was born in 1992 which puts him at prime millennial age. I and my cohorts can be a strange and expressive lot, I realize, but we’re people just like you and everyone else. Specifically, people who have only relatively recently entered the workforce and are trying to figure out our lives amidst a rapidly changing and growing world. A lot of workplaces now have something up to four generations in the workplace at one so things can get really confusing really fast. It can be a bit scary to have so many generations in the workplace at once and you might even need a selling to millennials speaker if you really want to get your messages across. But there are a few basic things you are going to want to know before you make any big decisions regarding the millennials in your workplace. The first thing you need to know is that millennials regard technology as a core part of their identities. We are often made fun of for this trait but see it from our perspective. While the older echelons of millennials might well remember a time before the internet, for middle and younger millennials, such as myself, we just barely remember a time when the internet existed but was pretty useless. Speaking from experience, I can tell you I remember dial up for sure. I remember when the internet was a laborious destination to get to and it was usually not worth it. But most of our lives have been spent interacting intimately with a cadre of computers that have only been growing in complexity ever since we were kids so we’ve gotten attached to them pretty fast. Managing generational differences in the workplace, finding a way to hire a recruiting speaker, trying to figure out millennial culture, all of these things start with understanding just how connected to technology we all are. I understand that for many gen x’ers and baby boomers our reliance on technology is weird and scary but we didn’t really have a choice, to be honest. This is the world we grew up in and it’s what we rely on. The second thing you have to know is that most of us struggle financially. Many of us entered the workplace directly after the end of a giant economic crash so we’ve naturally a little wary of financial promises as a whole. We’ve seen what happens when financial promises head south, we remember it well and we don’t trust financial promises easily. We do our best but if we seem a little strange or flighty about that stuff, blame the bank lenders that tanked the economy. Don’t blame us. As someone who was working in a pizza restaurant at 16 in 2008, I saw everything go up in flames and I’m not so convinced it’s not going to happen again. We also move quickly. You’ve probably noticed this but technology has made our attention spans a little shorter and we are natural multitaskers. A selling to millennials speaker will tell you the same, we are good at handling many tasks at once and we will prove that to you every chance we get. A selling to millennials speaker will also tell you that we are a principled lot and we will smell inauthenticity a long way off. Any selling to millennials speaker who knows what they are talking about will tell you that we don’t take to something that feels obviously forced or fake when it comes to our beliefs. If you want to appeal to millennials in a lasting way, you need to take the time to understand who we are and what we believe in as an entire living generation.

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