What to Ask Before Your Chartered Flight

A chartered flight is one of the best ways to get from point A to point B. A survey done in 2009 found that people report they are 20% more productive on company aircraft than even in their own offices, and a chartered flight has a lot more choice of airports to fly in to than any commercial jet. You probably already know a lot of the best reasons to take a business charter jet. Here’s how to prepare for your flight by asking your jet charter the right questions.

  1. When do I need to show up? At many airports, a chartered flight allows you to simply drive right up to the ramp and get on the airplane. However, airports do differ, and private jet charter companies have their standard recommendations. Find out when you need to get there so there’s no risk of getting off late.
  2. What are the standard amenities? If you don’t know what is standard, you won’t know what you might need to request. Ask about standard snacks and drinks, if there’s alcohol and of what types, and if catering is standard. If it is, what type is it? A chartered flight is going to be able to provide you with absolutely anything you want in terms of food and drink, so the only question is going to be cost.
  3. What are the limitations on baggage and passengers? Unfortunately, even a chartered flight doesn’t mean unlimited baggage. Lots of weight can mean extra fuel stops, or, even worse, that you might have to ship your extra luggage. There are physical limitations of space, distance, and even the length of airport runways that impact how much weight can come aboard a particular size of jet. Make sure you ask in advance for the size of aircraft you’re planning to hire, and then ask about any other accommodations if you need them.
  4. Can I bring a pet? A chartered flight will likely be willing to accommodate you, but be aware that some will not. One of the reasons for this is the prevalence of allergies to animal fur. This means that a jet will have to be specially cleaned after any animals go aboard in order to make sure things are safe for the next passengers, which not only costs money but also means more downtime for the aircraft. Some will charge a cleaning fee for pets, while others will allow pets to come aboard as a part of the general cost.
  5. What entertainment and facilities are on the plane? Will there be Wifi? What about entertainment systems of some sort. It’s also worth asking about whether there is a fully enclosed lavatory, which is not always the case with smaller hired planes.
  6. Are you ready to accommodate those needing extra assistance in boarding? For passengers who need extra time or some help in getting aboard, it’s always smart to alert your chartered flight to this before you arrive. It’s almost certainly not going to be a problem to arrange for help, but the extra time needs to be taken into account and the right equipment brought to the plane.

A chartered flight is a great way to travel. To make your flight go as smoothly as possible, ask the right questions in advance.

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