What RAM Board Can Offer Your Health

What Is A Ram Board?

A Ram Board is a heavy-duty style of temporary floor protection, as it was engineered for contractors with a certain level of efficiency and cost in mind that allows it to be both durable and reusable. Its design of temporary floor protection utilized non-staining and Vapor-Cure technology that acts a laminate floor protector by being built for all types of floors and elements—Masonite floor protection and other materials, such as existing concrete, wood, tile, stone, and linoleum constitute as types of flooring that are benefited through floor surface protection. Ram board is used to prevent certain toxic particulars from flying around off of the floors to protect worker’s health—2.3 million workers are exposed to silica in the U.S, and over half of construction workers were diagnosed with moderate pulmonary restriction while the other 4.70% were considered obstructive. The concept behind temporary floor protection saves a lot of workers from suffering from preventable health problems, which can significantly shorten their lifespan because of the high level of chemicals they’re surrounded.

Ram Board v. Rosin, Who Wins?

Ram board relies on the use of certain features and technologies to add to its strength and appeal—ram board is great for site protection or a protective floor covering, but there are some differences between it and Rosin paper. Red rosin paper is 100% recycled, heavy-duty slip sheet paper that is primarily used in site protection, such as floor protection during constriction because it can significantly reduce air and moisture flow, regardless of wall or floor. Red rosin paper allows difference send everyone through minimizing the dust and floors, which is able to double as a construction floor protection that can be used for build-up roofs.

How Ram Boards Are Beneficial

A ram board can benefit gradually through any form of temporary floor covering that encompasses itself a low-health risk than going by your construction business. When you are able to outlay the board correctly place the floor protection as specified into the strong, it’s important to thoroughly cover everything to make sure there are no chemicals present—Statistics have shown contaminants, and air pollutions like dander, dust, and chemicals were pulled into the HVAC system and recirculated five to seven times per day. However, over time in that type of dangerous situation could potentially harm both your and residents’ health. The benefits of a ram board greatly affect the trend of our health, because a lot of workers simply believe it’s a hassle to protect its health. Between the number of toxic chemicals, they endure on a daily basis, coupled with their long work hours makes for pure exhaustion they are even unaware of the damage these chemicals can do to vital areas of the body.

How To Install Ram Boards

Before cutting the ram board paper, it’s important to understand what it’s made out of. The material may or may not withstand the elements needed to reduce it, for the best results to fully cover the floor for temporary floor protection it’s recommended to use Ram Board Seam Tape or Vapor-Cure that is designated to attach the paper to its predetermined area properly. For ram boards, it’s best if they’re not directly taped any floor service for precaution. Installation for the temporary protection is easy as well—it’s recommended to install the board with the logo facing up to layout and install the desired length and cut, be sure to cut with a sharp blade for the best outcome possible. Statistics show occupational lung disease is the leading cause of occupation-associated illnesses in the U.S, and during construction respirable crystalline silica is almost 100 times and often time rises in the most vulnerable aspect of the body, and creates a whirlwind such as cutting, grinding, drilling, sawing, crushing, and handling other machinery that is typically extremely dangerous and requires additional handling.

Where Can I Purchase Ram Boards?
Ram boards or any other temporary floor protection can be found in over 7,500 lumber yards, various retail locations, and even online company websites that give a significant discount that can’t be found anywhere else. The deductions provided for Ram Boards are often able to use year-around, and offers a wide variety of selection through temporary floor protection.

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