What is a Labyrinth Ring Seal?

This video from labyrinth seal manufacturers explains what a labyrinth seal is and what applications it is best for. Typcially, labyrinth seal manufacturers are also manufacturers of graphite bushings, high temperature bushings,carbon bush bearing, and ptfe composite bushing. Often the labyrinth ring seal is the preferred choice.

Understanding what a labyrinth seal is and how it can improve performance and reduce risk of problems is important. This type of seal is often used in high performance combustion type engines and other applications where a reliable seal is essential. Most people do not have a clear understanding of how these seals perform. This video will explain in detail how a labyrinth ring seal works and what the benefits of this type of seal can be.

Anyone in the engineering industry can gain a lot of value from having a good understanding about this type of seal. Information can be very powerful when considering design options. Learn more about how a labyrinth seal can improve your design. Watch this video to learn more about this seal whether you are an engineer or you simply like ot know how things work.

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