What is a Black Retractable Belt Stanchion, and Why Do You Need It?

Want to quickly create a private space? Erect a fast photo backdrop? Design an amazing-looking area for a party? Build a solemn, quiet area for an important religious ceremony? Believe it or not, there’s one simple answer to all these problems: a black retractable belt stanchion. Now, you just need to know what that is and how you can use it to create unforgettable events, moments and photos.

The Pipe and Drape

It sounds like a centuries-old pub somewhere in England, and maybe it is that, too, but the pipe and drape is actually a DIY solution to a lot of different problems. With these two items, it’s possible to accomplish amazing things. Simple ceiling drapes can create a sacred space or a small private area. They can give you a stunning photo backdrop or help you get prepared for an important party. With this simple system, you can transform even an ordinary space into something truly special — something worthy of any special event.

The pipe and drape system is easy to erect and it’s a temporary solution. You don’t have to permanently alter anything or go through a huge process in order to set up a pipe backdrop pole and drapery fabric. In minutes, you can create a perfect place to host a wedding, design an incredible space for an event or make a gorgeous religious altar. Use it to eliminate a background you don’t want, to create a brand-new background you do want, to separate spaces and to make hosting an event so quick and easy, you could become the party guru of your friend group.

The Black Retractable Belt Stanchion

Though you might swear you’ve never heard of one before, you’ve actually seen countless black retractable belt stanchions in your life. You’ve seen them at all sorts of events, banks and other places where a line for people needs to be formed or spaces need to be separated. Have you seen two simple upright bars with a stretchy band of fabric pulled between them? Sure you have: the black retractable belt stanchion.

The simple black stanchion is really the backbone of many events and public spaces, and anyone can get one to design the exact space they need for the event they need to have. A stanchion is a post, frame or bar, though most often you’ll see it used as a backdrop pole to hold a retractable band of fabric or drapery fabric.

Black retractable belt stanchions are designed to support the weight of fabric and they’re made to stay upright, which makes them a perfect frame for holding drapery fabric. Use fabric to add color to any venue and design your own background for any ceremony, party or event. With the right ceiling drapes, it’s possible to design an elegant wedding space, create a private area hidden from prying eyes or make a place for photographs, among other things.

Organizing a Great Event

Decor is everything when you’re organizing an event, no matter what type of event it is. There are an average of 2.4 million weddings performed in the United States every year, and what does every bride and groom want? Great photographs, of course. No matter where the wedding is held, a great backdrop can give them exactly what the main players want. The average amount spent on a traditional American wedding is over $35,000, and that’s for just one wedding. Creating a backdrop with a simple pipe and drape system is a great way to cut down on costs.

Weddings are a big event, but they aren’t the only type of event that party organizers plan on a regular basis. More than 60% of organizers say they plan corporate events, which are the second most popular type of event to plan. Any venue can be transformed with simple drapery, which is a lot less expensive than renting an expensive place or permanently changing around decor.

The secret to organizing a great event is having great items to make it easier. Use a black retractable belt stanchion as your starting point, and every other aspect of of event planning will begin to fall into place.

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