What Happens When Used Trucks Cant Be Sold

What Happens When Used Trucks Cant Be Sold

These are the reason and idea why the dealers can’t used truck sales to sell these trucks.

In 2022, used truck sales saw some surprises with some models selling significantly lower numbers than expected.

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Rivian sold less than 10,000 of their electric trucks, while the Nissan Titan sold only 15,064 trucks due to the brand not refreshing it at a fast enough pace. The GMC Canyon sold 27,821 mid-size pickups, which is lower than expected for this hot market, but a refresh in 2023 is expected to boost sales. The Hyundai Santa Cruz sold 36,480 trucks, which is not a terrible number, and the unibody pickup segment is expected to get hotter with the Santa Cruz on the market. Honda’s Ridgeline sold 42,762 trucks, making it the bottom of the barrel when it comes to used truck sales, but a new Ridgeline with more aggressive styling is expected in 2024. The Ford Ranger sold just under 57,987 in 2022, despite being available in other parts of the world since 2011, and a redesign is expected by the end of 2023. Despite these lower sales numbers, there are still opportunities in the market for these trucks, and some may improve with refreshes and redesigns. The manufacturers need to actually listen to what the buyers want and more importantly something can consumer actually afford

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