What Does an Automatic Wire Binder Represent to You?

Automatic spiral binder

One of the most beautiful elements of humankind is the existence of books. Objects made of the trees we live among, telling the stories of our lives and imaginations, books bear witness to the advancement of our species. They hold evidence of where we have been, what we have done, what we hope to do, and what we dream. There are many book lovers who can attest to the significance of books within different cultures and to our species as a whole. And despite the rise of technology, the print industry is as strong as ever.

Automatic wire binders and paper punchers

There are plenty of ways to read what you are interested in these days. Just about anything can be found online, downloaded, emailed, or shared through the cloud. But there is just something about holding a book in your hands, breathing in the scent of the paper. It has been estimated that reading a print copy is 59% more engaging for readers than articles or advertisements that they encounter online.

Printing is still very high in demand, and now with the rise of self publishing, more people are learning about printing and binding as well. While not everyone has access to an automatic wire binder or an automatic paper punching machine, these tools are still widely used. In fact, printing is among the largest industries in the world, giving the automobile manufacturing industry a run for its money, and proving to be more than eight times bigger than the video gaming industry.

Balancing our fascination with books and our environmental impact

It sounds like a fascinating hobby or potential career, to be educated in the proper use and techniques of operating a wire binding machine. But even though an automatic wire binder may represent everything we love about the world of literature, we have entered a new age of consciousness, where we are now well aware of the negative impact that our species has had, and continues to have, on this beautiful planet that we call home. Every year, there are 9.125 billion tons of paper used in the United States alone.

If, and only if, we are planting enough trees to keep up with those that are being chopped down for paper, and if we are able to counter the effects that the production of these books have on the environment, should we continue to produce books as we currently are. If not, it is up to us to develop a new way to satisfy both our need to read and our need to sustain a healthy planet.

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