What Do Hair Specialists Do?

What Do Hair Specialists Do?

Hair specialists are as much scientists as they are artists. When you think of a hair specialist, you often think of a stylist, colorist, or another cosmetologist, who directly cuts and colors the hair of customers who are at a salon. This is an important part of hair specialists – the hair artist who transforms the client’s needs into reality. But behind that specialist is an army of scientists and designers who develop formulas of hair dye, using technologically advanced simulations including human hair mockups to see how the hair holds dye, responds to hairsprays, and is wetted, dried, and damaged or restored by shampoos.

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When hair specialists are working with their scientific charge, they are also working as health care technicians, creating a variety of solutions that will work with the client’s hair. Dyes are more advanced to last longer and do less damage to the hair.

When the client walks into a salon, the specialists will begin assessing their face and body, designing haircuts that will work well with their shape and taste. By the time the customer begins talking, the hair specialist will already have a basic idea of what this person needs. Call and make your appointment today.


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