What are Integrated Security Systems? Does Your Business Need One?

Commercial security systems

This year there’s a major trend among businesses of all sizes — stepping up their security systems. As the technology evolves to become cheaper, smaller, and more reliable, businesses are making major upgrades to their commercial security products. Already in 2016 the business security industry is reporting widespread adoption of integrated security systems.
So what are integrated security systems, and why are they suddenly so popular?
An integrated security system is a constellation of devices, alarms, access control, and other commercial security products all managed on the same network. It has three main benefits to businesses:

  1. Simplicity: By keeping surveillance video, access control, fire and intrusion alarms on the same system, companies can better monitor their premises for threats.
  2. Lower Security Costs: By contracting with a single vendor for integrated security systems, companies can save money and redundancies in their security costs.
  3. Enhanced Security: As technology like the cloud makes data cheaper, companies can store surveillance video for longer. More advanced access control means better office security. And the seamless integration of automated operations makes it easier to guard commercial property even when no one is there.

These comprehensive, networked security services aren’t exactly new, but new technology has made it easier than ever to connect and manage these systems.
Millions of homeowners have some kind of alarm systems to prevent burglaries, predators and home invasions, while the best intrusion detection systems provide peace of mind when they’re away from home. Meanwhile, countless businesses use some kind of business security systems to prevent employee theft, trespassing, vandalism and shoplifting.
In order to know if you need to integrate your security systems, you need to first conduct a comprehensive review of your security needs. A security company near you can help provide a consultation if you aren’t sure exactly what you need. Rather than starting from scratch, you may be able to connect your existing security products. One of the biggest benefits of an integrated security service is that you can remotely monitor your business if necessary. It’s a proactive rather than reactive approach to keeping your company or property safe.
Remember: as more and more businesses step up their security this year, you don’t want to make your property an easy target.

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