Utah law enforcement faces hiring struggles

Utah law enforcement faces hiring struggles

In this YouTube video, Fox 13 News Utah looks at current police hiring challenges. It isn’t easy to remain fully staffed.

Recruiting approaches have become creative.

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One initiative implemented allowed the county to recruit individuals who are only 19 instead of 21, but hiring efforts have still fallen short.

Some challenges include finding qualified applicants, helping applicants overcome the idea of death threats, and interagency wage wars. Some agencies recruit officers from other counties for better pay, leaving the current county even more short-staffed. Other agencies cannot afford to pay more than they already are. In some Utah counties, this means that police officers can potentially make more starting in fast food rather than law enforcement.

The counties are also seeking the right fit in their candidates. Each day on the job is different, with several different challenges. An applicant should be of the appropriate age, pass a drug test, and pass the other skills and physical tests administered. Once hired, the applicant will attend several training sessions through the county’s training facilities. Applicants must also pass these classes to begin working with the public.

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