Using Environmental Engineering Services For Water Quality Monitoring

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Taking care of the environment is our responsibility. When we put so much strain on the surrounding land through obtaining resources and occupying space, it’s essential to stay conscientious when attempting to acquire land for business-related means. Environmental engineering, aerial surveying and geotechnical investigation are all fields dedicated to making sure the environment is being used wisely and responsibly.

Lakes And Streams

Our lakes and streams are home to various different kinds of plant, insect and fish life. Animals and people alike rely on them to transport water, food and provide a safe place to reside. Water quality reports have indicated up to 45% of American streams, 47% of lakes and nearly 33% of bays are currently polluted — pollution includes excess trash, oil spills and build-up of harmful bacteria. This can lead to harmful drinking and washing water if not filtered.

Groundwater And Pollution

Groundwater is a constantly changing element due to weather and human intervention. Nearly three million trillion gallons of groundwater — or 30% of the planet’s freshwater resources — are being estimated by through environmental engineering services. Of the 349 billion gallons of freshwater the United States withdraws on a daily basis, groundwater in particular is thought to be around 26% of that. A quarter of all American rainfall will become groundwater, providing the flow of many streams and rivers.

Aerial Survey And Quality

Photographic technology is used to assess water quality and provide a bigger picture for various industries to work with. The primary aerial photographic product used by professionals, for example, is a high-resolution digital color photograph. Photos used to be captured while flying at 10,000 feet or more above the ground — each photo would cover an area of around two square miles of the Earth’s surface to provide the biggest possible picture.

Pesticides And Cleanliness

While pesticides are used to reduce pests and create cleaner crops, they have a noticeable downside that’s starting to be felt the world over. Americans will use over two billion pounds of pesticides on a yearly basis, that of which will wash into rivers and lakes and cause a wide variety of problems for the local wildlife. Studies haves shown over 73 different types of pesticides discovered in American groundwater reserves, eventually washing into even drinking water if not properly filtered.

Environmental Resources And You

Water pollution, plant health and groundwater reserves are all everyday issues that impact everyday people. The NGWA has estimated around 500,000 new residential wells are constructed every year to keep up with water supply and demand. Constructing these vitally needed systems will involve the use of more than 18,000 drilling machines as well as 8,000 groundwater contracting firms for regulation purposes. A study conducted by Rutgers back in 2000 found that ESOP companies grow around 2% faster after setting up their ESOP. Stay ahead of the time and use environmental consulting — everyone stands to benefit from supreme surface water quality in the end.

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