Using a Comparative Market Analysis for Selling Your Home

Houses are a major life step to buy or sell for adult Americans today, and a lot of money and time is invested into them, so those who are either buying or selling homes must know exactly what they are doing and maximize their odds of getting a good sale or finding a great purchase on the real estate market. Countless variables exist for a house’s market price or desirability, from its age and number of rooms to its landscaping and the neighborhood’s area. There are many strategies and resources for those looking to buy a new or used home, such as real estate agents and personal inspections, but those looking to sell a home have a lot to think about, too. Comparative market analysis reports, or CMA reports, are a very useful tool for those looking to put their house on the real estate market, and CMA reports can help them put a fair but competitive price on their house and know what kind of competition they are facing in their neighborhood, town, or city to attract home buyers. Real estate CMA software is often available when a homeowner enlists the aid of a real estate, and realtor CMA software can go a long way to making a house sell faster and at a fair price.

Buying and Selling Homes Today

A homeowner looking to make use of CMA software and CMA reports to price their home may keep some other statistics and trends in mind as well, so they know what to expect when putting their home onto the real estate market. Who is buying homes today? Relatively few people, in fact. Homeownership as of 2016 was at its lowest rate in 50 years, and many Americans choose to rent their living space instead. However, there are still plenty of Americans looking to buy, and the market is large. Older Americans are well known to buy homes with relative ease, but younger buyer are out there too, and they are buying homes more and more often, not less. Many of those of the Millenial generation, those born 1982-1995, are looking to buy homes today despite a general trend of Millenials renting or living with their older parents, and those putting a home on the market can augment CMA reports with other ways to communicate with Millenial buyers. Younger home buyers today often make use of mobile electronics and social media, and someone selling his or her home can promote their home on real estate apps on smart phones and post videos of their home and its features on YouTube. After all, YouTube is useful for more than prank videos or other frivolous activities; it has become a major platform fore more serious work such as real estate, and the videos there can be very informative. To put this in perspective, it has been found that YouTube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year olds than even cable networks in the United States, and it can be very potent for educational or business purposes.

Real Estate Agents and CMA Reports

A homeowner may find it challenging to figure out the right price for their house being put on the real estate market, especially a homeowner who has never done this before, but there are resources to make use of. Real estate agents can help evaluate a house based on both its own merits and the location where it is, whether a sleepy town or a bustling and trendy suburban area in a major city, and the price will be affected by that. What is more, other houses similar in size and nature can be used as a metric for the home’s value, which is why CMA is comparative market analysis. CMA reports can be generated when similar, nearby properties are evaluated for price, and a homeowner can use this information as a standard for their own house’s price on the market, so their home is not too expensive to sell or so under-priced that the owner suffers a major loss in a sale. A homeowner can use CMA reports for the value of homes that have already sold, or narrow it down to just homes that are still on the market today.

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