Types Of Shipping Containers

Although shipping containers aren’t something we ever think about, they do play an important role in the transportation of the products we use every day. We use them to pack the products that need to be shipped from the shipping container studio, and they get transported to different countries for people to use. Since shipping containers are an important item that is used to carry and transport everything to and from different places, here is more information on the different types of shipping containers, which can also be used as trade show shipping containers.

Dry Storage Shipping Container

The dry storage shipping container is the most common one that comes from the shipping container studio. This type comes in different sizes and dimensions and is used to ship dry items. You can find this type of custom shipping container in 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet.

Flat Rack Shipping Container

The flat rack shipping containers that come from the shipping container studio comes with flat collapsible sides that allows them to be folded to make more room for a variety of different products.

Open Top Shipping Container

The open top container coming from the shipping container studio allows for modifications such as taking the top off so as to allow more room for taller items to be shipped. Using these types of custom shipping containers helps you ship as many big and tall products as you need to at once.

Tunnel Shipping Container

The tunnel container has doors on both sides of it. Having a door on both sides allows for you to easily pack and unpack it without all of the trouble.

Open Side Storage And Shipping Container

The open side storage and shipping container is a lot like the tunnel container because it allows for you to change it into open sides for the ease of packing and unpacking of products to be shipped.

Double Doors Shipping Container

Although these are almost the same as the tunnel and open side containers,the double doors containers come in different materials including steel, iron, and more. These also come in different sizes such as 20 feet and 40 feet. These can be used as customized shipping containers.

Did you know that if we lined up every shipping container there is in the world from end to end, they would end up orbiting the Earth two times? Also, it has been said that Starbucks started the first shipping container studio in the year of 2011 when they opened their 450 square feet shipping container studio located in Washington.

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