Tulsa, a good place to work in the heart of the US

Tulsa, a good place to work in the heart of the US

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Statistics show that United States job creation slowed in March as employers hired fewer workers than were predicted and a shrinking labor force was blamed in helping the unemployment rate slow down to the lowest point it has been in over four years. But if you are looking for jobs tulsa you are in luck, as the economy continues to outperform at the top of U.S. cities

In fact, Bloomberg Business reported that Tulsa ranked as having the 7th best metropolitan economy, and came in at 38th on the best city to live in list in the U.S., during the 2012 calendar year. Jobs Tulsa
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One of the largest, most inland river ports in the U.S, The Tulsa Port of Catoosa is praised widely for the location.

The Tulsa International Airport offers direct service to most major U.S. cities and is another important contributor to its economic growth. Tulsa jobs, jobs in Tulsa Ok jobs tulsa? Tulsans have 227 days of sunshine every year average to go with a daily temperature of 61 degrees. Attractive numbers indeed. Are you in the market for jobs tulsa?

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