Top Four Reasons You Should Consider Donating To Charity Organizations This Spring

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How do you spend your spring cleaning session? Are you more interested in vacuuming and dusting all the debris away? How about giving your car a makeover? Whichever way suits you and your lifestyle best, there’s a spring cleaning method that’s sure to bring you results you can appreciate. Donating gently used clothes to charity organizations is the gift that keeps on giving, spreading the love throughout your community and even saving you money on your tax return. If it sounds to good to be true, never fear — below are the top four facts on donating to charity organizations and how a simple action makes the world a better place.

Keep The Environment Clean And Tidy

Helping the environment is as easy as digging through your closet and pulling out those old t-shirts or undersized sweaters you don’t wear anymore. The year 2006 saw over two billion pounds of fabric kept from landfills simply through used clothing donations and purchases, with the total given to charitable organizations just a few years later reaching an unbelievable $360 billion. However, Americans still send around 10 million tons of clothing to landfills on a yearly basis. When cotton and spandex are easily recycled and put back into the economy, you’re doing a lot of work by filling up a bag with your unwanted clothes and giving it to your local charity organizations.

Help Out Your Community And Neighbors

Why do people by used clothes? There are plenty of reasons. They’re affordable, for one, and give people of all backgrounds and budgets an opportunity to pad out their closet without breaking their bank — from families to students paying off loans, your gently used clothes are a trendy and low-cost option for all sorts of people. Studies have shown up to 45% of recycled clothing is worn as second clothing and thrift stores have only continued to enjoy increasing popularity as people become more economically savvy and financially conscientious. Need a tip to get rid of a pair of pants you’re unsure about? If you live in a one to two season climate and haven’t worn an item in more than six months it’s time to toss.

Save Money And Make Money

Donations of clothing really do go a long way. They help your economy save money by putting useful textiles back into multiple industries, such as fashion and repairs, as well as reduce strain on landfills. You can even save money on your tax return! Men’s overcoats and suits, for example, are worth around $60 as a write-off. Got a pair of fancy shoes? How about a lovely dress? Put that toward your local Purple Heart clothing donation or nearby thrift shop, keep your receipt and jot it down when you’re doing your taxes — remember this is for charitable donations worth more than $250.

Make The World A Happier Place To Live

When it comes down to it, taking your environment into account and giving back to people you don’t even know is a brilliant way of just making the world a better place. Reducing strain on landfills ensures healthier forests, happier animals and less stressed workers. Giving your community more clothing options to choose from is particularly useful, especially around the holidays, and cultivates business in both shops and non-profit organizations. Last, but not least, you can save yourself a little green. Don’t let spring cleaning just be another chore. Help out charity clothing donations next time you start picking through your closet.

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