Top 3 Reasons to Contact an Environmental Consultant


We depend on rain and water in our lives. Every day we need water. We use it for bathing and cleaning, drinking and cooling. We use it for food and transportation, recreation and livelihoods. It is an integral part of our lives that many of us take for granted. About 25% of rain becomes groundwater, makes up our rivers, streams, and lakes. Eventually that water can become our drinking water. But sometimes the water becomes polluted on its journey. Environmental engineers can work to remove the contamination and restore the water to it’s natural, clean, beautiful state. Here are the top 3 reasons for environmental engineering.

1. The pesticide use in America is large. Americans use 2.2 billion pounds of pesticide per year. This can be for crops in the fields or just maintaining green lawns. All that pesticide has to go somewhere. Much of it gets washed away or gets soaked into the soil. Those chemicals that that keep the pests away from our plants and from ourselves get trapped in the soil or carried away by the water.

2. Water quality is decreasing. Water reports state that as much as 47% of the lakes and 45% of the streams are polluted. There is only so much water in this country and we need to protect what we can. Environmental engineering can help clean some of the pollution and help restore our waterways.

3. Our groundwater, the rivers, streams, and lakes, becomes our drinking water. And if our ground water is contaminated, our drinking water maybe also. Studies have found 73 different kinds of pesticide have been found in our groundwater. Unless the water is adequately filtered, these contaminants can be present when the water becomes drinking water.

If you are concerned about your drinking water or your favorite swimming hole, call an environmental engineering firm today. They can perform water quality monitoring, groundwater modeling, and possibly do an aerial survey. Environmental engineering firms want to restore the water we desperately need to its own natural, useable state. It is time for the water that is supposed to grace this Earth to be found once more. Whether contaminated from agricultural run-off, from suburban green lawns, or from other human activities, environmental engineers can help the planet and maybe even help your health.

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