This is How a Business Can Attract More Customers With Signage

As many as 85% of a the customers a business has will live within a five mile radius of the location. In fact, nearly 35% of customers believe they wouldn’t have ever discovered the business if there hadn’t been a noticeable business sign. How does a business make a customer notice them? Colorful or even electronic business signs seem to have the best results. Here are a few tips on how to do it right.

How to Get the Best Results Out of Electronic Business Signs.

Business signage needs to be eye catching. This main feature can be achieved in a number of ways. However there are a few surefire tricks that are popular even among school sign boards and church marquee signs.

The Colorfully Loud Business Sign.

Many business establishments rely on brightly colored signs. There is a reason your local shops use neon colors. They want to grab your attention. This is certainly a simple method, but a proven one. Make sure the color of the text contrasts strongly with the background, otherwise passing traffic will have trouble reading it. Don’t defeat the entire purpose of the sign with poor planning.

Electronic Business Signs Take Some of the Guesswork Out of the Equation.

Here’s why electronic business signs are favored by both schools and business establishments alike: people are trained to look at a moving screen. Yes, it is a little sneaky using people’s addiction to screens in such a way. Yet for businesses that want to attract more customers, this is the option to go with. Just make sure it is placed properly.

It is estimated that an on-sight sign is equivalent to roughly 24 newspaper advertisements in a single year. Those are pretty good numbers, especially for small businesses. Customers can’t drop by if they don’t know where your business is located. Make it easier for them. Whether you use an electronic sign, a neon green sign, or even a moving marquee screen, just make sure your business uses some physical indication. After all, many customers live nearby and are waiting to drop in.

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