Third Party Borescope Inspections and The Benefits

NDE inspections are simply a part of doing business when your business includes turbines. Whether it is a steam turbine inspection, gas turbine inspection, or generator inspection, it is important that you have the right turbine support. Many firms are choosing to go with a third-party inspection service.

Borescope inspection services that provide a comprehensive borescope inspection report are the preferred services. There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy with the right borescope inspection services on your team.

Why Third-Party Services Are Best?

More plants than ever are depending on third-party borescope inspection services. Professional operators with the right equipment can help your enterprise reduce risk and put your maintenance dollars where they will do the best.

Many organizations have found that going with a third party can mean:

  • More complete turbine inspections which of course result in a more detailed borescope inspection report. The more information you can obtain from inspections the better.
  • Less human error. Third-party borescope inspections are done by highly skilled operators that are focused on the task at hand. Human error risks can be reduced because third-party service providers do one thing and one thing only, inspect your turbines.
  • Enhanced ROI. Investing in a third-party inspection group that specializes in borescope inspections means less downtime for your turbines, less production interruption, and more focus on servicing your turbines quickly.

Having a complete borescope inspection report in your hand whether it is for a gas turbine inspection, or another type of turbine inspection gives you insight into your operation that you may not be able to get any other way.

Less Down Time Equals Less Cost

The right inspection team will get the inspection done quickly without sacrificing the quality of the inspection. The turbine does not have to be disassembled with borescope inspections, that alone saves tons of time.

It is important that you keep up with turbine maintenance and repairs for safety’s sake. A detailed borescope inspection report will include every issue that needs to be addressed. You can easily go through the report to schedule planned maintenance and address any urgent necessary repairs.

The biggest benefit of using a third-party service for your turbine inspections is to take control of your turbine. Information is power when it comes to managing your plant efficiently. The right third-party service will deliver the information that you need.

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