Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Data Center for Your Business

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Data Center for Your Business

Choosing a data center is never easy. There are so many factors to consider. It can feel like such a headache after a while. Therefore, use these tips as a guide when selecting your candidates.

Why Are Data Centers Necessary?

We don’t keep our important documents in a cluttered filing cabinet anymore. Thankfully, technology has allowed us to evolve towards something greater. Think of a data center as one big filing cabinet that houses all of that important information you keep online — everything from vital records to music and TV shows. To put it into more specific terms, a data center allows for faster processing power. Given the fact that the human race is always hungry for knowledge and data, entities need large centers to process all of this power.

Basically, any entity that generates or takes advantage of easily accessible data needs data centers. These entities can include government agencies, educational bodies, telecommunications companies, financial institutions, retailers of all sizes, and the average person using Google and Facebook to connect with others. When fast and reliable access to data is lacking, this can signify an inability to provide vital services. Customers are also likely to feel unhappy, leading to a loss of revenue.

Points to Consider When Selecting a Data Center

Like when hiring an employee, hiring the right data center should be a huge topic of debate! Housing your data is no joke! You need to be working with a trustworthy center and built to suit your unique needs. Consider these next few factors when creating your list of potential candidates.

Consider the Location of Your Data Center

When first choosing a data center, consider the location first. Location is one of the most vital pieces of the puzzle, after all!

You want something nearby. It will be tempting to opt for a data center that is farther from your company. These are typically cheaper. However, your internet speeds will suffer.

For example, copper cables can lose their strength once they reach 330 feet. A fiber optic network has a better chance of keeping you connected. Fiber can nearly reach 25 miles before you’d notice slower networking speeds.

You should also consider going with a data center that is not located next to an area that is prone to natural disasters. If their center gets hit, your data could be lost forever. Don’t take that chance. Instead, try to find a center on a separate power grid and away from these potential risk factors.

Choosing a data center that is on a separate power grid also has this other great benefit— by using a data center on another power grid, your data will not be impacted at the same time the company’s office is. This limits the number of issues you’ll have to work through in the event of a major power outage in your area.

Lastly, you want to assure that the data center is easily accessible too. If your IT staff needs to perform upgrades or maintenance work, you won’t have to pay a travel fee or reimburse them for gas money.

Consider the Security

When choosing a data center, you also want to take note of their security. Cloud computing data centers should have physical security, as well as strong cyber security to guard your information from hackers online. The cost of a cyber attack can reach millions of dollars, so it’s best to be on your guard and ask plenty of questions regarding security.

Data centers must utilize specialty software and tech that protects your documents, files, and cloud storage. Furthermore, they should also have strong physical security. Your center should have proper locks on the doors.

A gated facility should also top your list when choosing a data center.

Surveillance cameras are a must. In case someone breaks into the data center, they’ll have proof to show authorities and can catch the criminal quickly. Depending on the size of the center you choose to work with, they should also have in-person security, watching and protecting the area 24/7.

Consider the Data Center’s Reputation With Past Clients

If you’re paying to store your data, ensure you’re working with a trustworthy company that puts your needs first. Don’t automatically sign up with the first company you see online, even if it offers Minecraft private server hosting.

Do the proper research. Check reviews online, or ask around for an in-person recommendation.

This is just one way you check to see how the data center truly treats their clients and customers.

What Type of Data Center Do You Need?

Data centers can be grouped into three different categories — according to who owns them and who is likely to use the center.

First up, we have exclusive data centers. These exclusive data centers are facilities that are entirely built, managed, operated, and maintained by the business for the optimal operation of its own IT gear and equipment. Some of these centers are well-known companies such as Facebook, Google, or Microsoft, while others are less public-facing big telecoms, insurance companies, or other service providers. Unless you own a big business like Google or Facebook, you probably won’t need this much data and storage, so let’s move on to the next data center that most smaller businesses are more familiar with.

Secondly, there are managed hosting providers — they may include services such as a Minecraft server hosting service. A third party manages these data centers on behalf of another business. However, the business itself does not own the data center or space within it. It’s more like a rental! Rather, the business borrows IT equipment instead of purchasing it or the space. Depending on your budget and unique IT needs, this type of data center arrangement may be perfect for you when choosing a data center.

Lastly, there are Colocation Data Centers. These data centers are usually huge facilities, built to accommodate various businesses within the same center. Unlike managed hosting providers, the business rents its own space within the data center and subsequently fills the space with its own computers and hard drives. Additionally, the center possibly uses equipment provided by the data center operator.

You have various options when choosing a data center. Ensure you’re working with the right business model, so you don’t go over budget, but also get your money’s worth.

The Benefits of Working With a Data Center

Now that you know how to spot the perfect data center for your business, it’s time to learn more about the great benefits of hiring data center services!

You Can Reduce Your IT Costs and Relocate Those Funds Elsewhere

Who doesn’t want to save money? This may not sound feasible when you’re hiring an entire data center to store your valuable digital information. However, this is, in fact, possible because you will not incur fixed costs when you make the switch. When you hire a data management company, you will incur certain variable costs, depending on what you use. This drastically lowers costs of data management, saving you more money as a business owner. Additionally, the total cost of labor will also diminish.

Why? Hiring an IT specialist is pretty pricy. If they are not well-trained already, you will have to pay to train them. This process is also quite expensive. The option of hiring data management services, instead of a single expert, therefore, helps to bring costs down.

You Will Reduce Your Risk of Hackers and Cyber Crime

Crime doesn’t just happen in real life — every day, various cybercrimes are committed on all corners of the web.

However, these risks, especially those related to compliance issues, data security, hacking, and government regulations, are easily avoidable. Thank the experts in IT! Choosing a data center well versed in data management signifies that the duty to guarantee compliance when necessary, data security, and regulations by the authorities are adhered to.

As such, you won’t risk breaching any rules. Furthermore, your data remains safe 24/7. However, this assurance and safety net is only possible if you seek IT solutions from reputable companies. As previously stated, always ask for references when choosing a data center.

You Can Place More Focus and Emphasis on the Business

What precisely does your firm do? You need to focus mainly on your business rather than data management in order to achieve those amazing goals for you and your company’s growth. Data management requires the use of resources and a lot of time on your part. It’s nearly impossible to learn everything about data management in a short amount of time, as it’s practically another language!

Trying to do this on your own will interfere with your core business model, which can ultimately affect productivity and allow the competition to overtake you. This reasoning is why it is a superb idea to hire a data management company to take care of data related matters while you focus on the day to day activities of your business. Focus on your company, and leave the technical side to the people who know the vast ins-and-outs of data — the data centers.

Increase Your Business’s Competitiveness and Stand Out in Your Niche

For any company to succeed in its core business, it must seek ways to improve efficiency and enhance competitiveness in any way it can.

This can include pouring more effort into its digital marketing. However, this can also include choosing a data center to work with.

In order for a company to succeed, it must spend most of its valuable resources on customer and employee satisfaction.

Also, to guarantee that the most time is allocated to the core business, non-core aspects of business such as data management and IT related functions should be outsourced by another company that thrives in that field.

Always Stay in the Know With the Company’s IT Related Issues

Data management companies are up to date on issues relating to technology enhancement and development. They constantly research ways to improve their data management skills. They also receive tips on data management from other vendors in case of any new technology updates or enhanced data security tips. They are implemented at the speed of light!

Also, remember that almost on a daily basis, there is a large risk of hackers and cyber-bugs threats. A good data management team or data center in your corner, however, keeps up to date on such issues and relevant action. Their number one plan is to ensure that your data remains safe.

Therefore, it is a good idea to ensure that a good data center is hired, so the company can focus more on tasks dedicated to the core business. This also ensures that your data is safe. Through data management service providers, a company can adopt the latest state of the art technology to improve overall efficiency and also beat out their hard competition.

It’s apparent that choosing a data center is the right move for everyone — whether you’re an employee or business owner.


In conclusion, data centers are valuable to anyone who needs extra storage — and they are especially valuable for small and corporate businesses who rely on the internet. If you fall into one of these categories, do not hesitate when choosing a data center. However, make a wiser decision by following these tips and tricks. Using this guide as a template, you should be able to create a strong business partnership with a well qualified and reliable data center.

This means faster connectivity, happier clients, and more revenue for your business.

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