Thermal Spray Coating Services for Your Products, Machinery, and Other Industrial Needs

Thermal spray coating service

Metal coatings are needed for a variety of products and industrial machinery. These include wear-resistant, or abrasion resistant coatings, as well as hard chrome plating. There are, of course, other types of coatings used in various industries for different needs and purposes.

The paint industry, for example, produces architectural coatings as well as consumer paints. This is the largest segment of the industry. It’s interesting to note that in 2014 alone, 720 million gallons of architectural coatings were sold.

The second largest sub-segment of the paint industry is composed of industrial maintenance coatings. During 2014, 352 million gallons of industrial coatings were sold to customer industries. Traffic-marking paint is applied with thermal spray coatings, for example, and is used for airport surfaces, parking lots, and roadways. There are other types of projects that can be handled from using this method.

When production-level quantities of metal parts are needed, thermal spray coatings can provide maximum hardness. If your company produces panels, for example, then zinc-heavy galvanized substrates can provide protection against corrosion. It’s important to note that greater amounts of zinc equate with greater corrosion protection. The common galvanized substrates used for panels are G100 and G60.

There is roughly 99% pure zinc in a G40 coating. This is a galvanized coating which is applied to the base steel sheet. A hot-dipped process is used to apply the coating on these steel sheets.

G60 substrates contain 0.6 ounces of zinc for every square foot of panel, while a G100 contains 1.0 ounces of zinc for every square foot of panel. It’s important to note that a G100 substrate contains 66% more zinc than a G60. This means that it provides a more protective coating.

Whether your company is in the automotive industry, the paint industry, or a related field, there are specific products and processes to address your needs. You can find out more detailed information when you contact a thermal spray coating service. While you discuss your service needs, they will be able to recommend the best type of metal coating and process to complete your projects.

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