The Top Employee Retention Strategies

The Top Employee Retention Strategies

The Great Resignation is in full swing, and companies are now faced with two challenges: how to navigate the new world of work, and how to attract and retain the best talent. With “Help Wanted” signs popping up everywhere — in every industry — employees have more options about where to go than ever.

Here are some ways included in employee retention programs to remedy existing retention problems and prevent new retention issues from cropping up in the future.
Disengaged employees are detrimental to your organization so you will want to build their engagement.

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Introducing new opportunities for employees to give candid feedback is valuable to them and your company. Employees can highlight problems before they surface to higher-ups, suggest new projects, and lend outside perspectives to company decisions.

Employees who feel appreciated work harder and stay at companies longer, but over 80% of American employees say they don’t feel recognized or rewarded. Building a culture of recognition is more than recognizing people every once in a while. It requires frequent, specific acknowledgment. Help new employees shift from an outsider to insider by educating them about their responsibilities, giving them the agency and resources needed to complete their tasks and goals, and creating an environment where they feel accepted


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