The Properties of a Teflon O Ring

Before you purchase custom o rings, nitrile o rings, Teflon o rings, quad rings or neoprene o rings, you will want to ensure that you are purchasing great quality. That is why assessing their properties is important. You ought to know what the Teflon o rings are made of. They come with a temperature range of -1,000F to +4,0000F. This ring is water-resistant and has low friction properties of PTFE that make it an ideal material when building o rings. With such properties, you can be sure that this ring will serve its purpose for a long time. You will get value for your money in return. To be honest, that is what every customer wants when buying any product.

The Teflon o rings are a perfect choice for use in areas with harsh weather conditions. They are also ideal in applications that entail electricity and thermal insulation. This is courtesy of its properties. The density of these PTFE rings ensures they are not melted, but instead, they are compressed and sintered to offer them the required shape. Some of its mechanical weaknesses include super-heated steam, low compression vacuum sealing flanges, and high vacuum seals. But you can enhance the properties of the Teflon o rings by adding fillers like bronze, molybdenum disulphide, graphite, carbon, and glass fibers. This will give them more durability while they are serving their purpose.

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