The Popularity of Shipping Pharmaceuticals

Expedited freight service

Pharma logistics services provides an easy way to return pharmaceuticals at a low cost. Pharma logistics services employs the use of different shipping solutions and can help you to choose the best fit for your needs.

Pharmaceutical logistics can be difficult to configure, especially when a return of a product is needed. It can be hard to know what path to turn to, what will be the simplest and most cost effective solution.

LTL (less than truckload) freight companies provide one solution. The LTL market is a prosperous one – it’s estimated to be at around $35 billion. In 2013 alone, trucking transported over 10 billion tons of cargo. By 2040 that number is expected to increase by almost 5 billion. Specialty freight services can transport and deliver pharmaceuticals where they are needed. There are also often expedited freight services available. This would perhaps be beneficial for trade shows, held in convention centers all around the country. In October of 2016, there were over 250 convention centers across the country and California and Florida alone had 20 each. Trade show shipments by LTL shipping services could help smooth the path for trade show logistics.

Shipping is an increasingly popular way to transport valuable goods. The value of freight has actually been projected to increase to over $1000 per ton by 2040, up from $882 per ton in 2007. The U.S. moves a number of valuable commodities, such as motorized vehicles, machinery, and all kinds of electronics. Of course, pharmaceuticals transportation played a role as well.

The increase in the popularity of shipping, pharma logistics services included, is clear when you look at the numbers. In 2014, it represented 8% of the gross domestic product. Millions of trucks transport goods every year, employing over five million drivers.

It is true, however, that e-commerce has forced an adjustment in shipping. Reflecting the over 4 billion dollar amount spent on e-commerce, carriers must adapt and accommodate. To keep up with demand, shipping services can also be expedited and reach their destination even faster than anticipated. Expedited shipping services could easily prove their use through the transportation of time sensitive products, highly in demand products, and more.

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