The Legal Marketing Tips You Need in 2023

The Legal Marketing Tips You Need in 2023

Legal marketing can be exciting when it is targeted to attract clients. Using various marketing tools and platforms produces better results than focusing on producing text-heavy blog content. Let’s look at how a legal firm can make content marketing work to bring in new clients and keep current clients happy.

1. Use more video content in your legal marketing communication with clients.

Video Source

Video helps to increase understanding of what is being communicated. It also helps people retain more information and lets prospects spend more time on your website.

2. Combine video and images with text
Video content should not replace blogs because they are still the best way for clients to gain confidence and trust in your law firm.

3. Focus on gaining traction on local SEO
Most people (up to 71%), when they have a legal matter to solve, look for a local attorney. Make a listing on the Google My Business site to attract qualified new clients.

4. Leverage Social Media
One of the underused social media platforms by law firms is LinkedIn. Yet LinkedIn is effective for business-to-consumer marketing. Being active on the platform will give your law firm professional public visibility.

5. Use email marketing
Email marketing will help new clients get to know your firm and keep current clients updated. It can be set up as an automated drip sequence to provide information for new clients. It can also help with onboarding clients.

Adding one or more of these strategies to current legal marketing strategies will help you attract more clients in 2023.

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