The Importance of Vaccines In The United States And The World As A Whole

Vaccine storage has become more possible than ever before thanks to tools like the vaccine freezer and the vaccine refrigerator. Fortunately, vaccines have become widely spread all throughout the United States – and in many other places of the world as well. In many cases, this is thanks to the use of the typical vaccine freezer or vaccine storage refrigerators, both of which can be used to adequately and safely store vaccines on a short term or long term basis.

Of course, if a vaccine freezer is in use there are some things that must be kept in mind (and the same can be said for the typical pharmacy grade refrigerator). For one, the temperature of any given vaccine freezer should never exceed five degrees Fahrenheit. However, this temperature of the vaccine freezer in question should also never dip below negative fifty eight degrees Fahrenheit. And while the vaccine freezer has a wide range of safe temperatures to be kept at, the type of vaccine that is stored in the vaccine freezer in question is likely to dictate, at least in part, the temperature that this vaccine freezer remains at. And regardless of the ideal specific temperature of this vaccine freezer, the vaccine freezer should be monitored every time that it is opened and used, as this is a great way to ensure that it is still functioning in the way that it needs to be.

Aside from the vaccine freezer, the undercounter medical refrigerator and the like are also an incredibly popular and widespread way to store vaccinations. These medical refrigerators will need to be kept ideally in the range of forty degrees Fahrenheit for optimal results, and should also be monitored regularly to make sure that they are still working in all of the ways that they should be. But vaccine freezer or medical refrigerator alike, both types of vaccine storage devices are hugely important not only here in the United States but truly all around the world as well.

Things like the vaccine freezer and vaccine refrigerator are so very important because vaccines themselves are so very important. In fact, it’s estimated that vaccines save up to two and a half million lives each and every year all throughout the world. This can clearly be seen in the United States alone when we look at polio, a disease that once ravaged communities all throughout the country and changed lives – and even ended them – forever. However, nowadays more than ninety three percent of all toddlers have received their polio vaccinations, and this means that polio, though still prevalent in other parts of the world, no longer poses any real threat here in the United States and other similarly developed nations.

And it’s not just polio. Vaccinations throughout the United States have also helped to reduce the number of deaths that are seen from the disease measles. As recently as the year of 2000, less than twenty years ago, more than five hundred thousand people in the United States died of measles on a yearly basis. By the time that we reached the year of 2014, a mere fourteen years later, this number was now considerably below two hundred thousand people per year, representing a drop in measles deaths by as much as seventy nine percent, a truly impressive number by just about any means.

Even the flu vaccination is incredibly important here in the United States. Getting a flu vaccine is something that many people avoid for a number of reasons – and many simply just do not think that the flu is particularly dangerous, especially if they are young and healthy. Unfortunately, this is far from the case, and the flu alone has killed more than fifty five thousand people (around fifty six thousand people, to be more exact) in the eight years that have elapsed since 2010. In addition to this, more than seven hundred thousand people have ended up in the hospital for this very same reason. The flu vaccine is not one hundred percent effective, but it will greatly reduce your chances of dying from the flu.

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